Hub V2 and Presence Sensing

How is presence detection going to be handled in V2 hub? Will it be done locally? I have given up with using cell phones as presence detection in SmartThings. Based on what I have heard in the past, the presence detectors were also wonky so I never went down that road. I ultimately went to using tasker and integrating it with Smartthings and that was better but still unreliable (also, at the time Tasker did not exist for my husbands iPhone). Recently, Tasker with a google geofence and the plugin is just not reliable. Tasker and the geofence work 98% of the time but SmartThings just is not performing the actions when it receives the trigger. FRUSTRATED

It’s the same. Things could change down the road when the Bluetooth radio is enabled in the v2 hub, but even then you’ll still be subject to the distance limitations of Bluetooth.

The ZigBee presence (now “Arrival”) sensors seem to be very dependent upon a strong ZigBee mesh. Ours have worked extremely well ever since I got the radio oriented properly and added a repeater.

ST’s inability to accurately detect an iPhone’s presence boggles my mind. They could easily allow one to define additional geofence events, like connecting to ones home network SSID, enable bluetooth connection status so that when it connects to a home based bluetooth device (like our Panasonic phone system, headphones, etc), a manual longitude & latitude, GPS, etc…

Come on ST, let’s make this finally work as expected!

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I moved to the v2 hub 3 days ago with all my 50+ devices including 2 iPhones that are used ad presence sensors. iPhones as presence sensors were really buggy with the v1 hub for me but have been working great and without hick ups since the v2 setup. I don’t know if this is due to rebuilding my setup from scratch, the new phone app or just coincidence… Or maybe it is really v2 hub.

I’m a V2 user as well…Glad it works for you! :triumph:

Give it some time, it can be spot on and then when you least expect it, a “Welcome Home” will pop in mobile notifications while you are miles away. Go figure, “Sun Spots”?

Not just V2 or ios as my V1 android had issues w/ presence from miles away for the 1st time ever.

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I’m not sure what ST developers are doing in their location based presence detection geo fence code!

Luckily, I’ve not witness Google or Apple maps jumping all over the place like I see with the ST presence code. :cry:

I appear to be having more issues with presence now with the v2 hub… and this is using a physical presence sensor and the same exact mesh network as with v1. Haven’t had time to experiment with mobile presence yet, but twice my siren has gone off today because presence was not detected before I got up the stairs to my apartment and opened the door.

I had some issues with mobile presence with v1 hub, but when I switched to the physical sensor it was 100% reliable. I’m hoping today’s issues were just an anomaly.

I upgraded to Hub V2 over the weekend. Has anyone been successful in using iPhone as presence sensing to open and close z-wave locks automatically on arrival and departure? I can’t find the functionality in the new hub/software. Thanks.

Based on what I see on the reliability (or lack of) on (iPhone for me) presence detection, I’d be careful with that. I upgraded to ST V2 from Revolv about a month ago… I know there has been some discussions about weak cell signal and switching to/from wifi, but I can tell you that this was one aspect of the Revolv that was very consistent and solid, so it has to be ST with the issue here. It is not nearly stable enough with an ST V2 to depend on it for security related actions based on what I see… Sitting here tonight, I apparently “left” 15 minutes ago, but have never left the building in the last 3 hours… :frowning: