V2 Hub not quick enough to recognize phone as in zone

Been running ST V2 hub and have pretty good success. I have the circle set to a fairly large coverage, larger than my neighborhood so about 4 x 4 block area or more. I have the hub notify me when no one is home and one of our three phones comes home and changes the status from arm (away) to disarm However, lately, the first person home will trip the garage door with an intrusion and shortly after that the notice of that phone being home arrives. The area is, in my opinion, too large now so making it bigger isn’t going to work. It almost seems like the app working with the hub doesn’t get a chance to communicate in the minutes it takes to enter the area and get home. And I’ve had the notification go off the second I cross into my home area. Any ideas? There are two Iphones and one Android. All are up to date and have WIFI, 4G and GPS turned on.

Is the phone you are having issues with the Android?

Originally, the Android was the troublemaker, but in the past few weeks, the Iphones aren’t being read properly either.

Still having this problem. Noticing it more in the past week or so. Anyone have any ideas? The circle is pretty large, covering my whole subdivision. I believe the last update didn’t help the situation.

As @fightingmajor has said. Are you using android.
Mine and my wife’s Samsung S6’s were a bit flakey.
I disabled battery optimisation and this improved things for us.

I gave up on using my phone as a presence sensor, as it was really erratic and even while sitting in the house, it would go back and forth between home and away. True, it is an older Samsung S4 and maybe a new phone would work better, but from all the threads I’ve read here, it doesn’t seem so.

So as a solution, I’ve been testing Life360 as a presence sensor and it seems much more stable than using the phone. As far as I can tell from the logs, it is accurately recording me entering and leaving my house every day. Give it a shot and see what happens. One word of warning - I believe you have to run the app in the background all the time (someone can correct me if I am wrong) and it has a significant impact on battery life.

I’m having the same problem with using my iphone. When I first purchased the Smartthings v2 system nearly a year ago the geofencing worked great, Now not so much. Experiencing anywhere between a minute to 30 minute delays in presence notifications.