Hub to Hub communication?

So I thought about this the other day…  I’ve getting two hubs.  My plan is to eventually put one in my office and one at home.  Given then, I can envision some situations where I want someone that happens in my office to trigger SmartThings in my home, and vis versa.  For instance, after business hours if a smoke detector or motion detector goes off at work, I might want a siren hooked into my home network to trigger.  Obviously the siren is not communicating with my work hub, so through the SmartApp my office hub would need to signal my home hub to activate the siren.  Is something like this going to be possible?

I would certainly hope/expect this to be an included feature.

I would hope it could go a step further and be able to take actions based on other internet-sourced input.  For example, if the hub could pull data from an online weather page, it could suspend automated lawn-watering on a day when rain is expected.  Or perhaps it could read and parse your email, setting off a klaxon to alert you to the arrival of pre-determined important emails (like a Steam sale).  The hub is already pushing and pulling data from the internet all the time.  Adding features like this should be trivial.

All of what you both describe here will be possible. We will support the use of Internet web services as part of a SmartApp, as well as the ability for SmartApps to deal with events and actions across locations. The multi-location thing is a little tricky since SmartApps are typically installed into a single location, but we are going to allow an application installed into Location A, to still interact with devices in Location B. So every SmartApp will have an “installed Location” but still be able to do what you describe.