Using routines with 2 hubs

I’m trying to figure out how I can send a command to a 2nd hub from my primary hub (both on the same LAN. I have this 2nd hub out in a shop out of range from my 1st hub.

Previously I was sending a GET request through WEBcore to turn on a couple of lights, etc… Has anyone found a different way of doing this? I can see both hubs in my app but see no way of mixing devices/triggers from hubs.

In a perfect world I would just be able to see the devices all together.

checkout SharpTools


Yeah I’ve seen it. As I started moving everything out of webcore this is really the last think I need to do and I’ve been able to accomplish everything else with routines. Was hoping I could make it happen inside the app somehow

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Are they on different ST Locations then? That really means using a custom or third party solution.

Obviously if both hubs were on the same Location there wouldn’t be any issue apart from cloud rather than local execution.

Can Http requests and Lan triggered devices be used for this? Send commands from one hub to another? @TAustin :thinking:

I don’t know what the OP meant by sending commands to another hub. I think he probably means triggering an action on a device that exists on another hub. But yes, with webrequestor
and edgebridge it would be fairly easy to accomplish by sending a SmartThings API request.

Yes sir. I’ve got 2 locations each with a hub. I didnt think I could have more than 1 hub per location, has this changed?

I will check into each of these, not familiar w/ either. Thanks for your response.

I have 3 hubs in a location. Works fine. When joining a device you get an additional UI that asks you to select which hub you’re adding it to.

Note that if you cross hubs for routines (ie, if sensor on hub A is to trigger a device on hub B) it will never be local (no house icon) Requires the cloud for execution. But devices on all hubs in a location are available for routines.

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It used to be possible to find a support document claiming it was unsupported. However it was also simultaneously possible to find one saying it was merely discouraged. Staff took a ‘your mileage may vary’ approach. Current developer documentation encourages one but also acknowledges there may be circumstances where multiple hubs make sense.

The only issue I have ever encountered with more than one hub, apart from onboarding bugs in the mobile app, is that legacy SmartApps couldn’t specify which hub to use when making a LAN request and so it was made multiple times.

My thought is that if you can manage with hubs on different Locations, you may actually gain something and lose nothing by using just the one Location. On the other hand if you couldn’t manage with two Locations you might not want two hubs either.