Hub retirements (2021) V1, Nvidia Link, ADT


That worked. I sent in all of my reciepts and they returned back the quote of $266 and some change. They made a point in the email about my gear being over 3 years old, literally by days of the announcement and that pointing to a refund limited to 33%. Though i would certainly like more i know that gear isn’t new. I just sucks that it is by days. i got almost all of that gear late February.

Now i just need to wait for the box to send it in.

Did they tell you that was the next step? They didn’t tell me they would be sending a box.

This is what they provided to me as what should happen next.

You would be receiving a shipping label to send the device to the ware house. Once the device is delivered the warehouse then our team would process the refund.

So i miss spoke about a box, but they should be sending a shipping label.

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Yeah…and you get 7 days to use it. I sent an email asking if I could get another label later on since 7 days wasn’t long enough for me to get a new system selected and installed. No reply yet.

Well, that’s 1/2 day of my life that I will not get back, but I have installed the Aeotec Hub and manually moved all of my devices (except the ADT ones for which I purchased new replacements… door sensors and outlet). What I do not have now is a panel that shows me the mode (Home, Away, Stay) and the ability to easily arm/disarm from a device other than my phone. I can solve the visual part with some sort of color light and I can activate the siren on my Arlo hub from Automations. What I can’t figure out is how to audibly count down to the siren like the ADT panel did or at least audibly warn me that the alarm is about to sound. A way to exeute an Alexa Routine from ST might work, but I have not been able to figure that out other than trying a deprecated app called Echo Speaks. Essentially using an Echo as a speaker would work.

There are several different ways to do what you are asking about, so I suggest you start a new thread under projects so people can help you with different suggestions and any questions you may have about them. You can put it under projects.

To give you two quick answers:

The ring keypad will work quite well with Smartthings using custom code, but the best custom code for this is behind a paywall in rboys library. You pay a one time fee and get access to the entire library. This is a very popular option for those who are OK with paying third-party fees. You can read more about this in the following thread:

[RELEASE] Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Gen) Device Handler

As far as triggering Amazon routines from smartthings, that’s very doable by creating a virtual sensor that you can turn on and off. It requires custom code, but nothing you have to pay for. The only thing is this worked great right up until April 2020 when smartthings introduced a new version of their Amazon skill, and ever since then it’s been glitchy. It usually works, but every once in a while it will stop working, sometimes even for a week or two, and while that’s OK for convenience use cases, I’m not sure I’d want to build a security function around it. :thinking: But here’s the community FAQ for how you do that:

FAQ: Can I trigger an Echo Action without Speaking to It?

However, as I mentioned, there are other ways to do all of this as well, so do start your own thread in projects as otherwise we are getting pretty off-topic here.

Oh, we should also say that whatever method you choose as an alternative, you do need to be aware that the old ADT/smartthings dual logo panel could do a lot more things when the Internet was out then anything based on a new smartthings/Aeotec hub can. :disappointed_relieved:. For example, you can’t even arm/disarm unless the Internet and the smartthings cloud are working. And anything that requires custom code, including the two links I just gave you, would require the Internet. And obviously anything that requires an echo routine. So that’s just something to take into account as you consider alternatives. But that’s another reason why you should start your own thread, so we can discuss all the details.

Thank you for the info! I was just trying to communicate that the Aeotech hub really isn’t a 1:1 replacement for the ADT Panel and that there are still challenges that clearly belong in Projects and are out-of-scope for this discussion. FWIW, I have not deleted the ADT Panel/Hub from ST yet. I do not see any devices connected to that hub, so hopefully it will not trash anything when I get brave enough to delete it.

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im just imagining the employes of smartthings reading this thread and watching thier users pain and just not caring
without the kick starter early birds this thing wouldnt exist now. its such a spit in the hand that handed you money.

@BaRaD5 - Any time I called for support the employees didn’t even know what the system was.

I did the same via email (several times), but never get any follow-up. Did you call or use

When Lowes retired Iris v1 hub, they offered free upgrade to V2 hub. When they terminated the Iris service, they sent $100 prepaid card to each registered user. I got the Iris v2 hub for free When I got my first smart thermostat for $50. And yet, I got the $100 automatically. I only used the Iris v2 hub for a couple months before I switched to ST v2 hub. I also have the 3pk Connect mesh system with hub which is like v2.5. I wonder if the migration tool would work for transferring devices from v2 to Connect.

I also did not receive any emails regarding the retirement of the hub nor any emails with a discount code, I have 2 of these hubs under 2 accounts and neither got any. Only found out as I opened a support ticket since the hub kept going offline.

Contacted support regarding the rebate offer and was told you would only get it if you had the Hub’s for over 3 years.

Anyone else experience this? Both my hubs are less than 3 years old.

Hi @dualtronic

I used the “email” (web form) contact method provided on the bottom of their support page here:

While we had to go back and forth a bit and I had to send them screenshots of my device, they actually responded fairly quickly, accurately perceived the issue, and addressed it with a working solution. I purchased the rebranded hub, the discount code worked, and Aeotec shipped it out the same day. I’ve received it but don’t quite have the stomach yet to plug it in and start the “great z-wave migration of 2021.”

While I’d rather just continue using my old v1 hub (which works just fine), I’ve definitely had worse experiences.

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Hi @nmax

Did you have the ADT hub and eligible for the refund and did you have it for less than 3 years? I had contacted support and this was their response.

“Actual rebate is applicable for the users who is not eligible for the refund. It means, if the user have ADT ST hub or V1 hub for more than 3 years from the date of purchase, then they are eligible to get the discount code to claim the new hub.”

I sent them an email saying I Never received the email or code for a V1 hub I bought 7 years ago. They said send them a pic of hub PLUS proof of purchase? Seriously, they can see I’ve been using this for 7 years. Picture is no problem but I have no clue where my receipt is.

Well, I’ve had ST ADT hub and several devices for just over a year, received the email and offer. I have been in contact with them, and after several back and forth, they have given me a refund quote of over $600. I was also provided with a return label to send the equipment back. I will be doing this next week and will see how the refund process goes…
The emails are a little slow but they do respond, hopeful the refund will actually arrive!

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Hi @alik, I just have a regular ST V1 hub which I’ve been using since 2015.

@mcvoss Because I had purchased mine via Amazon, I was able to pull up the invoice from six year ago. So I went ahead and included it in my response to ST support. But they never actually asked for it, and it is correct that your hub ID, creation date and hardware version are all listed in the ST API.

Support responded to my initial email about not getting the discount code within 24 hours. I received my discount code about a week after replying to the support request for a picture of the hub.

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With a little back and forth with support today, they were quick to respond, They requested a pic of the Hub w/ serial # and said they would see what they could do. A couple hours later they sent me the code.
Overall I think support did a good job.