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Hello all I was hoping someone could help me understand the rational behind this.

I just received an email from ADT saying my smart things hub would stop working June 1 2021.

I can understand Samsung and ADT parting ways but this system is only 2 years old for me and your telling me all this money I have invested into the system will just magically stop working June 1 2021?

Why can i not use the system by itself to still control my zigbee devices?

Why can i not still have automation’s based on the sensors even if i dont get to continue my ADT monitoring?

I have probably $500-$700 tied up in this system with all the sensors and devices. It just boggles my mind that not only will I have a huge paperweight but that the system has been purposely designed to stop working on a specific date and the sensors will not be compatible with anything in the future.


Whats crazy to me is ending support is one thing but making the system purposely non functional is another. So every few years Samsung is going to come along and say oh sorry we are ending support for this. Please spend hundreds of dollars on all new sensors and hubs to stay current. Im not going to spend another dime on anything they make if this is the way they are going to handle things.