Hub not detecting any Wemo devices for setup (Error: 34-302)

Bought a couple new wemo devices because of a really good sale price, unfortunately the hub will not complete the setup process when attempting to add the new devices.

It keeps returning “There was a problem connecting to the device. Try again. Error code: 34-302” without completing its search for undiscovered wemo devices.

I’m not finding any topics on this unless I’m missing something, any ideas or anyone else run into this?

Do you have them connected through the wemo app? When you go add device > by brand > Belkin wemo and select the appropriate device?

Just to clarify… it is not the hub connecting to them. Its would be a cloud-to-cloud integration between ST and Belkin wemo. :slight_smile:

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All new devices are fully configured in the wemo app and I am selecting the corresponding device type (outlet) when attempting to add, the issue is my V2 will not complete the process of discovering wemo devices

Contact ST support and see if they can identify the error code for you

Support was unable to help, they have escalated the issue, next possible step will be a hub factory reset

I need to correct myself. @JDRoberts pointed out… WeMo is actually an LAN connection between the hub and Wi-Fi .


It’s a really weird integration . :thinking: The last time I looked at it, which was a while ago, the hub and the WeMo device had to be on the same LAN branch, and if you have mesh Wi-Fi, it might not work. but I haven’t tried it for a long time.

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I switched to kasa and then to meross. Both are very inexpensive. I prefer meross as it works well with both ST and HomeKit

My old wemo plugs went into the box of shame along with my two wink (ge link) bulbs.


I have the same problem. Mine hasn’t worked now for months!

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We stopped using our WeMo plugs as well. At some point a few (6+ maybe? Covid makes it all a blur) months ago the cloud integration stopped working after a firmware update took place in the devices. When you’d try to delete and readd them back the setup procedure would just give you an error. They’re all in the spare HA parts box now.

For WiFi plugs I’ve found that Meross work great although it’s cloud only. And the Kasa plugs can be set to local LAN only although then they can’t integrate with ST, it requires cloud integration.

Ive been replacing most wifi plugs with zwave and ZigBee plugs. Helps build the meshes, removes that many more devices off wifi and they mostly work with local DTHs. The sonoff SA-02 ZigBee plugs are $6.50/each or something shipped from china off eBay and work great.

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Interesting, I do use asus AI mesh but its been giving me problems so I’m about to factory reset it for troubleshooting. I’ll try adding the wemo’s during that process and follow up to let yall know how it works out

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I only got these because there was a sale $18 for a wall switch and wifi outlet, unfortunately my one kasa power strip keeps power cycling because it doesnt like my router so i’ve been forced to disable the kasa’s internet access to stop it from power cycling

I’m with you on the zwave mesh, I’m working on that slowly but its hard to pass such a deal as $18 for a wall switch and wifi plug so i’m just trying to make use of it

The thought of all these wifi and cloud reliant devices finding their way into a spare parts box will be a nice day, just not practical to spend the money replacing functional devices for now. Black friday I usually pick up some replacements and upgrades

If you like Wi-Fi, check Meross. Excellent prices, very good engineering, good smartthings integration out of the box.

They sell a lot of multi packs and offer a lot of coupon discounts, so it’s pretty easy to get a Wi-Fi switch for $15 and a smart plug for five dollars if you’re buying three or four of each. But even the individual prices are good.


The ones which also work with HomeKit are a couple of dollars more, but worth it if you want something that works with both smartthings and HomeKit at the same time. Those are the ones we use in our house. :sunglasses:

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Great suggestions, thank you! Though the more I think about it, I really do not wish to add more wifi devices if I can go zwave/zigbee… personally I’m particular to zwave

That aside, my goal here is improving the hub for the community. If we dont provide feedback like this, I cant imagine how anything gets fixed for new comers

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