Newest Wemo Minis not detected by ST

Just bought two of the newest Wemo Minis (the smallest ones that show up as hardware v4 in the Belkin app) and cannot get SmartThings to detect them. ST detects my older ones (hardware v2 in the Belkin app) just fine.



Hey there! @glc650,

Thank you for reaching out for assistance with your Wemo Mini.

Can you please provide us with the model code of your device located on the back? You have already mentioned the device is setup running v4 in the Wemo Belkin Application.

When adding to Smart Things, Are you using the pathway (+) > Device > Belkin App> Supported Devices> Smart Outlet and following the on screen instructions automatic detection?

Additionally, you can find more discussion on adding the Wemo Mini to Smartthings here in this thread: WEMO Mini does it work with ST?

I hope this message finds you well!


WSP080 is the model number. That is the pathway I used for both versions. That thread is too old to be referring to the latest Minis. The latest minis were just released last year.

Hey g,

Taking a stab in the dark I’d guess that they changed the SSDP search term that these new plugs respond to.

If you know what this means and trust me/can understand what this does, I’ve written up a script that will try to discover all belkin devices on your network and query them for information about their API:

You’ll need lua (tested with 5.4) and luasocket installed to run that. Just paste the output from that back here. Or if you don’t want to post info about all of your devices, try to find the blob of xml about just the new plug in the output and post that.

And if none of that made any sense, I’ve ordered one myself to try to see what’s going on.

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Ooooo, I hope you figure this out Patrick. I received 12 of these Belkin wemo outlets for christmas and ran into the same issue… Smartthings can’t find them. It did manage to find an older wemo outlet on my network that I received from a friend. The model of the new outlets is WSP080. I don’t know what lua or a luasocket is… but if you don’t receive the one you ordered, I’d be willing to learn about lua and luasockets to run your script. Thanks! Joel

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I don’t know what lua or a luasocket is

I don’t either.

According to this post:

the port it is listening on has changed.

That’s unfortunately not great news. Adding a new search term would be easy. Looking at the DTH it looks like it should use whatever port the wemo reports. So there’s something more going wrong here. I guess we’ll just have to wait until I get my hands on the one I ordered.

And speak of the devil, they’re here. I’m afraid it’s bad news though. As far as I can tell these plugs do not respond to SSDP queries. It claims (in the setup.xml endpoint) that it is <deviceType>urn:Belkin:device:controllee:1</deviceType>, but it doesn’t respond to that as an SSDP search term, nor the urn:Belkin:device:* that all the older ones seem to.

At this point I think the only hope is Belkin considering this a bug and releasing a FW update that re-enables SSDP discovery.

It would also be possible to write a connector app and fork the wemo dth since the local API seems to still exist, just on a different port. But, that’s not something I think anyone is going to want to invest the time into since groovy is getting shutoff in the not that distant future.

Guess I need to send mine back then.