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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

SmartThings is not an appropriate solution for a hotel of any size. The cloud dependency alone in its current design would rule that out.

There are many good small systems intended for commercial buildings, but they almost all run locally.


WAF dropping exponentially.

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He wants to be able to control it remotely, that’s the whole point. Cloud is preferable. He does not have technical background to have local processing and server with reverse proxy to allow remote control. Besides there are not many good small systems, not in my country. Custom made solutions are triple, maybe more the price of smart devices.

I wouldn’t say it’s a hotel, it’s more like pension in the middle of nowhere. I don’t know, how to translate it :smiley: Building of five rooms for one family. Custom made solution does not have a good investment return in this case. He just needs to remotely set up door lock code for new hosts and to heat rooms to livable temperature. He wanted maybe few window and door sensors.

I’ve noticed that variables in webCoRE takes about 10 seconds to populate now when it use to be instant. This is causing alot of issues with my automations. Is this related to the latest firmware update or anything that ST may have done behind the scenes to reduce traffic load?

It is unreasonable to have to wait 10 seconds for a light to turn on just so you can store attributes to local store…

I haven’t rebooted yet so I’ll try that when I get home but already got several calls from family members. :unamused:

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Which issue are you referring to?

The late April fix you reference is in regards to “Manual change of older Z-Wave switches/dimmers are detected and reflected with delay.” But it sounds like you are experiencing the issue with pairing Z-Wave devices with a custom device handler which is different than the “late April” fix.


Oh ok, than I misunderstood, what’s gonna be fixed.

It’s not just custom device handlers. I have the same symptoms to this FAQ
Another piece of information with a solution could be found here in the latest 7 posts.

I already told about this to cbaumler and Kianoosh_Karami, but third time the charm :slight_smile:

I also asked RBoy if the device handler is implemented correctly with the latest changes in mind.

We’ve identified the root cause of your issue and are working on a fix. I don’t have a release date for you at this time.


For our knowledge Chris, is that something you can share so we can guide users.


Is there a way to go back to the previous firmware version? This release has been awful, my locks are slow reporting status now, any conditions tied to lock status changes are not working now. Plus my hub connected and disconnect randomly now for no reason.

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nope :disappointed:

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If I did not have so many devices I would migrate back to my V1 hub :frowning:

I have no idea if this is related to this latest firmware revision - I suspect not - but here it is:

I was switching to new DTHs for my Schlage Zwave Locks and I suddenly lost access to “My Hubs” and “Devices” in the IDE. I get the annoying 500 Internal Server Error. If I go to My Locations and look at each Group, the only one that gives me that error is the group that includes the 3 locks. I pasted the default ST DTH for Zwave Locks into the one I was using in hopes it would give me access but it did not work. I cannot access hub tools in the old app but I was able to exclude the locks using the new app (using remove device under each device). While the app gave no feedback on removal, the lock did.

Control via Echo also entirely stopped working at the same time. It appears to me that anything where those locks are involved is malfunctioning partially or totally.

It would be nice if there were a way for a user to recover from a messed up DTH/Smart App install without having to bother someone at ST… Has anyone seen this before and/or figured out how to fix it?


Because secure command classes are now being included in the list of supported command classes, some devices contain raw descriptions that exceed the maximum supported by our platform. We’ll be making a change to increase that maximum. Known affected devices include the following:

  • Fibaro Heat Controller
  • Fibaro Roller Shutter 3.

I added a gas detector today using a custom DH, but did not show any events. I then change the device type to an in-built Orvibo Gas Detector, then it got it working with notifications in SHM. I played about with rooms by adding devices to them then next thing I know, I’m getting “Something’s Wrong” in the Things screen in the app. Looked in IDE and got “500: Internal Server Error” for both “My Hubs” and “My Devices”.

What’s going on please? How to fix?

Called support.smartthings twice and they couldn’t access their IDE servers as they’re down as well!! Waste of 2 phone calls 6 hours+ apart.

Thanks in advance.

Do you have a ticket number? Or DM with your account info and I can take a look.

I fixed this for you.


Thanks, Brad, for fixing it for me! Cheers


Thank you @Brad_ST!

Coincidentally I just got off the phone with a nice lady from ST support and she said her system was down but would escalate and fix once it was back up. Moments after hanging up, it was working again. If you see the ticket pop up on my account, can you close it before I waste anyone’s efforts on something you kindly fixed already?

@Kianoosh_Karami - I excluded and reincluded 3 Schlage locks and it was super smooth. I only had to repeat one lock as it got added as a “zwave device”. This latest inclusion experience was lightyears better than what I had to go through to add them a few months ago when I migrated to v3 hub. Whatever you did, thank you!

Edit: Inclusion was fast and the right device was picked but then I could not control them so I checked the IDE and noticed all 3 failed S0. So… trying again…


Have a few door sensors and lights unavailable. Tried rebooting with batteries out and nada.

Hi Brad,
I re-added a zigbee GE smart switch back on today and also got the 500 internal error soon after getting that working. Can you help me reset this? Thanks!