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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

How abaout the rest of the users, when the new relese will be ready?

There were a couple changes that landed so far based on 0.25.20 monitoring:

  • V2 Only: we discovered that a decent chunk of the RAM that should have been available for use by userspace was reserved in the kernel for use by GPU hardware that is available in some versions of the CPU. This would probably only pose a serious problem for hubs with several local video cameras.
  • V2/V3: Fixes related to hangs when performing Z-Wave repair (specific to 0.25.20).

We are still evaluating and gathering feedback from small number of hubs that we believe may have had network connectivity issues after the update and do not have an ETA for rollout at this time.


Thx @posborne

So the Z-Wave repair fix in 0.25.22 is specific to an issue that occurred with 0.25.00? I thought (hoped) it may have been related to an issue with repairs on large networks that has been around for sometime?

What specific issue are you referring to? Feel free to DM me about it with more details

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Conversation is over here:

I don’t seem to be alone that Z-Wave repairs can take over half an hour and sometimes they don’t even complete (at least no message comes back to say they have). I took it from all the conversation in that thread with no push back from ST that perhaps this was a fix to an existing problem, not one that was introduced by 0.25.

My issue is consistent and I’ve kept some metrics.

I am not in any of the betas.

thank you for this information!

i still have hub firmware 000.024.00020. How can i force an update?


I would like to know this too…i am having nothing but issues with a bunch of devices and went to check if it was a firmware issue and i am on 24.0002 - now i see we are on 25.20

How the heck do i get my firmware upgraded?

Look at the message directly above your question. The migration to 25.20 was halted due to an issue it created. For everyone that’s not on the beta testing,(i.e., most of us), 24.0002 is the current version.


Look like 25.26 will start being deployed tomorrow.
Let the whinnying begin about why I wasn’t notified or that I can’t opt out.

I got an email which is strange since they said they weren’t going to send emails anymore.

Pretty much we looked at people’s response, looked at it from the user’s perspective, and went “nope, that was stupid, we need to at least tell them where to look for updates going forward”.


I just got an email saying that there are no emails and to check the forum. :slight_smile:


Haha, I didn’t read the bottom half. Here’s an email telling you we’re not going to send any more emails.

Still a bad move imho


Fix for Cree bulb issues that were introduced in 24.20 (IE: flashing, random on/off, etc)?


Thanks for the honest reply. But the status page should have been looked at too. As it was mentioned before by @KevinH , it is not sending always the email even being subscribed for all options.

I’ve had a support ticket about it, and took a few days to get it fixed. But happen since that again, email notifications were not delivered.

The only reason I came here was because if the “no more email” email’

This makes no sense at all. Especially for people I’ve set up with smartthings, they aren’t going to be reading forums. Me neither really.

I have to know about outages.

Please send an alert, not doing so makes no sense at all.


Wait, I’ve got to read the email again. I thought they said no more update email notifications, not outages. If outages are included, then someone must really hate their customer support, because they will be flooded with emails every time the cloud is coughing.

Edit. I read again the email and this is what it says (only firmware updates): “Hub update announcements for future releases will be available only in the community”.

Phew, no big deal, we have no control over it, so it’s actually better, what you don’t know, doesn’t hurt LOL