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Hub Firmware Release Notes - 25.26

Not everyone. My hub version two did not update yet. I’m still on the .24 firmware.

I have not been updated also.

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also, a reminder that this 25.20 (or 25.21) firmware update is only for the following hubs :slight_smile:

  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2015 (Hub V2)
  • Samsung SmartThings Hub 2018 (Hub V3)

I’ve just had a look at my firmware and it’s still on 024.00020. I’m based in Ireland, should the updated firmware have been pushed out to me on Saturday!!!

Please read two posts up from your post.


Ahhh, I had read through the last few days of posts and the relevant links. The word HALTED didn’t quite jump out at me :slight_smile:

Thanks for the information.


A friend of mine who is blind points out that the forum software is much more difficult to use with voice readers than standard email.

This appears to be yet another case of Samsung being insensitive to the needs of those who require accessibility accommodations. That’s an unusual choice for a technology company these days.


I’m not taking a position myself on the mass email notifications but I do want to note that you can subscribe to receive emails for updates by going to and clicking “Subscribe to Updates.” This will not be filtered to only update notifications but does provide a way for people who want to get notifications of firmware updates to V2/V3 to receive them.

If subscribed, you will also receive notifications via email of outages which I would assume might be of similar concern to the audience that would like to receive notifications of upcoming firmware releases.

Another way to receive emails would be to set notifications to “Watching First Post” for notifications (circle in upper right) on the Announcements section of the forums.


Looking at the email options for the status page, there is no mention of firmware updates anywhere there. I have been subscribed to the status emails for almost as long as I can remember. I’ve never received an update from there for firmware. Unless this is now a new update to the status page, I don’t see anything that would suggest getting firmware updates form there.

Also despite being subscribed to all US and EU options there, I know there’s been more than once where I never received an email and there were updates to that page. So its far from reliable from my experience.

Much like JD has pointed out more than once…lot of these stances go against accessibility accommodations. I have a few friends that use various automation and IoT solutions to help with their daily lives. While I know better to depend on ST at all, I have that luxury. They have learned that they cant either, and anything important they have found better solutions. I went from praising ST to now actively researching how best to move myself off the system.

So this idea to hide your updates to try to quiet the masses, is super disappointing. Again all I really want to say is shame on Samsung (cause it seems really the heart of ST is dead at this point)


As @KevinH Notes above, it doesn’t look like subscribing to the status page will get you firmware announcements.

However, your other alternative of watching for new topics in the announcements category should work. I’ll come back and post an update if it works one way or the other. :sunglasses:

If it’s your first time in, the alt tag will be “normal” and it goes by really fast, so someone using a text reader might need someone else to set it up for them.


As a brief update, we are continuing to investigate root cause for issues that led us to halt the initial firmware rollout. The small percentage of V2/V3 users that received the 0.25.20 release should expect to receive an update to 0.25.22 sometime tomorrow (Thursday, 3/14) which fixes problems specific to that release.


Can you explain what the problem is?

I’m already on 25.22 w/the beta, but a co-worker and I were just discussing some of his issues with zwave devices.

How abaout the rest of the users, when the new relese will be ready?

There were a couple changes that landed so far based on 0.25.20 monitoring:

  • V2 Only: we discovered that a decent chunk of the RAM that should have been available for use by userspace was reserved in the kernel for use by GPU hardware that is available in some versions of the CPU. This would probably only pose a serious problem for hubs with several local video cameras.
  • V2/V3: Fixes related to hangs when performing Z-Wave repair (specific to 0.25.20).

We are still evaluating and gathering feedback from small number of hubs that we believe may have had network connectivity issues after the update and do not have an ETA for rollout at this time.


Thx @posborne

So the Z-Wave repair fix in 0.25.22 is specific to an issue that occurred with 0.25.00? I thought (hoped) it may have been related to an issue with repairs on large networks that has been around for sometime?

What specific issue are you referring to? Feel free to DM me about it with more details

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Conversation is over here:

I don’t seem to be alone that Z-Wave repairs can take over half an hour and sometimes they don’t even complete (at least no message comes back to say they have). I took it from all the conversation in that thread with no push back from ST that perhaps this was a fix to an existing problem, not one that was introduced by 0.25.

My issue is consistent and I’ve kept some metrics.

I am not in any of the betas.

thank you for this information!