Hub Firmware Release Notes - 22.13

@Bryce_Geiser has been looking into this but I don’t think any patches landed for the 22.x release.

The disconnect and image upload were 2 separate issues. The disconnect fix made it into 22.x, however the fix for image upload didn’t make it in unfortunately. There was a small change that made it in that makes it happen less frequently. A true fix will be in the next hubCore release.

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not sure if its the hub firmware or something else, earlier, if i would go to a room, and click add device to room, it would only show me un allocated devices, now it lists all devices – iOS

Not a bad thing as now you can add same device to multiple rooms, but then makes finding devices harder

I noticed this too. I think that would either be app or cloud related.

Yep but it was like that before this firmware update for sure.

looks like i was updated but got no email

Ever since this update my Logitech Harmony hub will not turn on the dimmer lamp modules and switches. When you press the lamp button in the log it says: setlevel>>value:0. You have to slide the dimmer level up in the Harmony app for it to turn on. In the Smartthings app I noticed it now says 0 on the level when it is off. Before it showed the current level (ex. 99) even when it was off, and Harmony worked correctly then. It seems as though in needs to see the setlevel anything other than 0 to turn on. Is there a way to fix this so it work with Harmony again. The regular switches work fine, the problem is only with the dimmers.

Just want to echo what dcabtacoma said as well, experiencing the same issue and my jasco dimmer switches now dont work with the logitech harmony system.

Regarding the upcoming reboot on Thursday 7/26/2018 - Will it fix the constant rebooting that I have experienced recently on a couple of my WEMO switches? They seem to be random but I have had 6 of them in the last couple of days.

I am in the same boat. Bought the Samsung tv specifically because of ST integration and it has been down for a year now. Samsung support doesn’t provide any timeline to fix this.

My OSRAM LIGHTIFY A19 RGBW bulb shows firmware version as below. It doesn’t seem to have been updated, but the version seems higher than what is included in this release (FW 00102302), but there is extra 0 in between. The Hub firmware I have is 22.14

Current Version: 0x01020492
Target Version: 0x01020492
Last Updated: N/A
Last Checked: 2018-07-31 7:09 AM PDT

The OSRAM firmware listed is for different versions.

When are we going to get an option to delay the upgrade?

If I am out and the update breaks things I’m up **** creek with out a paddle.
It just seams silly to have forced updates these days.

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Re. this, should I assume that my Osram Smart+ Outdoor Flex is already on the latest firmware?!

Yes. I believe only UK OSRAM (which are ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) and the newer US LEDADVANCE/SYLVANIA versions are included in this firmware release.

Thanks @jhamstwad. For clarity, I am in the UK and was wondering if my outdoor flex should’ve received an update as the FW version hasn’t changed and the update is saying N/A?

Reason I ask is because if this is on a ‘good’ Osram firmware out of the box, then I won’t need to invest in a Lightify Gateway to update it (for some reason UK users can’t update OTA like the US, even if you’ve got this setup) to avoid the numerous known issue Osram has with ST.

  • OSRAM - various bug fixes (UK ZLL models)
    • Garden RGB - FW 01020412
    • CLA 60 TW - FW 01020412
    • FLEX RGBW - FW 01020412

Your version is higher than the ones listed in the update. I don’t know what the most current firmware versions is, so I couldn’t say if getting the gateway would benefit you in any way.

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As a guy working for a brand, I think you would have more traction dealing with Samsung rather than ST. Samsung won’t like to have customer hits on their TV review and support because of ST. Might be good that all TV owners reach out Samsung support and record the complaint. This will hit their support and in the end their warranty cost which they won’t like. In one quarter this could drive significant action from SG to ST.
Additionally if the TV was claiming ST support using the logo for instance, you have a ground for complaining SG directly and ask them to go fix it. Just my view since I don’t have TV

Thank you for finally getting the Cree DTH moved to local execution!