Hub Firmware Release Notes - 0.24.11

You shouldn’t, anyway. (And I say that as someone who is dependent on a medical monitoring system.)

Even the company says that in their official product usage guidelines:

Data accuracy and consistency from SmartThings sensors, including those provided by SmartThings directly, resold by SmartThings, or supported by SmartThings, is not guaranteed. Therefore, you should not rely on that data for any use that impacts health, safety, security, property or financial interests.

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it was a joke -
But finally a response from Smartthings. So you are still monitoring our posts. Just choosing to ignore us.

JD doesn’t work for SmartThings, he’s just always helpful.


Sorry, was that directed at me? I’m just another customer. I haven’t seen any staff responses in this thread for quite a while.

Staff members all have a little blue “SmartThings Staff” tag on their posts.

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Sorry JD. no wasn’t meant for you. Just saw the "SmartThings Logo in you reply and quckly thought that was them.

SmartThings if you are listening (and just occurred to me) you do advertise your system as a Security solution so what happens when why smoke or CO sensor fails to response like my light or switch sensor? Don’t advertise as a security solution if the solution is not reliable.


I like your sense of humour. :grinning:
If they are listening, they are ignoring these issues.


FWIW, At this point all of the links on the website that take you to “Security” use cases take you to the dual logo ADT/SmartThings Hub, which is more reliable and does have additional features that the other home automation hub models do not have. So I think that’s their standard answer now -– if you want security, you should be using that model. (I know a lot of the other marketing implies otherwise. :scream:)

One simple home system. A world of possibilities. | SmartThings

My personal opinion, for what it’s worth, is that the ADT model is a decent low-end security system, something I would not say about the other models.

You can talk to people who are using the ADT model in the following thread:

ADT partnership: ST-ADT touchscreen hub and devices (discussion thread)

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Although I don’t get to this forum nearly as much as I used to, or would like to, it seems that staff participation in the forum in general has reached an all-time low. Even the beta forum has gone eerily silent.

You could very well be right in that it’s not the firmware, or not JUST the firmware at fault. SmartThings is a complex system with a lot of disparate systems and interdependencies. Like any complex issue, there could be many layers at play.

The absence of staff involvement is very disquieting to say the least. It would be great to see an acknowledgment of what everyone has been talking about. What concerns me the most is with the holidays and holiday shopping season just around the corner, I can’t see ST pushing any significant updates until next year.


@jkp the devices run the gammut between Locks, Outlets, Switches, Thermostat, Smoke detectors…etc. Some of them are using custom device handlers (that have been working rock solid for ever) and others are using Stock device handlers. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to these issues.

An update from SmartThings support with my emphasis added. I especially like the bolded portion… rest assured i have responded with this thrread to make sure they understand what a “non trending issue” looks like.

Luis (SmartThings)

Nov 14, 4:27 PM MST

Hey there,

Thanks for reaching out, sorry for the trouble.

The firmware update should not have caused a z-wave network disruption. In most cases during the download/install of the firmware the hub may have rebooted and devices that were already in a bad state could have fell off. Usually, when devices fall offline the biggest culprits are distance, interference or a low/dead battery (in battery powered devices of course). A z-wave network repair is more of a diagnostic tool that shows you where a device, path or node is failing to repeat or carry the signal (in rare cases it may bring a device back online). If a device shows up as failed for example, it most likely will need to be excluded and re-paired back to the hub.

The hub firmware update shouldn’t have caused these issues but when other outliers have been eliminated we can see why the assumption would be the firmware update as a root cause. Other users with the same set up and larger have not reported the same behavior (at least not to us) and thus on our end it’s not a trending issue. The WiFi devices will not cause interference on the z-wave frequency as they communicate on a different band/wavelength. They really only affect zigbee devices but you would need a LOT of interference for that to be a real cause (heavy duty router, hub on top of router, that type of thing).

We checked out the account and it does look like most of your z-wave devices are offline, except for the Front Porch Light. Now, given the status of the z-wave network either that device is close to the hub or is just in an area where the z-wave signal is able to reach it reliably which is why it hasn’t fallen off just yet. If that is not the case, then it’s surprising as the hub has no other devices to bounce through at the moment (since they’re all offline). The hub can reach about 25-30 feet not including building materials known to cause interference such as walls, bricks, concrete, steel, etc. After and within this range we recommend repeating devices to help carry the signal. Repeating devices are devices that have constant current running to them (in wall switches, in wall outlets, plug in outlets, etc).

It looks like you have enough however imagine a tent being held up by your repeating devices (the tent is the mesh network and the repeaters are the poles, sorry for the comparison but it helps sometimes). If one or more of the repeaters fall, then the signal suffers and thus the network suffers. The mesh will collapse if most/all of the nodes/devices fall offline. Usually at this juncture the only real alternative would be to tear down the z-wave network and start once again. Excluding and re-including devices starting with the ones closest to hub and moving outward. This will simulate a web almost (like a spider web) and allow the greatest chance for a stable and reliable network.

We know it’s not ideal, especially as tedious as excluding devices and re-adding them is but it’s really the only way to correct the issue at hand. We cannot revert a firmware update as it’s automatic and any replacement hub will carry the latest firmware (which is the current one on your hub). Now, if you do tear down the network and set it up once again and the issue continues, then it may be a hub issue. If that’s the case we can definitely replace it for you to rule out a bad z-wave module.

If you are a bit hesitant to jump in and start from scratch with your z-wave devices, you can try what’s known as a “firmware flash”. Simply hold down the recessed button on the back of the hub until you see the LED on the front strobe/blink yellow, then let go. This will cause the hub to download the firmware once again and refresh the modules. In some cases this brings back some devices and helps. If not, then you know the only option is to tear down and re-build.

Give that a shot and let us know how it goes!

Kindest regards,

SmartThings Support

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Yup, I must be wrong with all the crap I’ve experienced with 24.11 and the beta program leading up to this disaster. Why do I say that? Well I just checked my ticket, and it’s resolved?!?!?


How was it resolved you ask? I have no freakin’ idea because the ticket was closed WITH NO comments or feedback by anyone from ST!!!

This is the only thing in my ticket from them:

Created October 12, 2018 06:04
Last activity October 15, 2018 15:06
Assigned to David
Id #627131
Status Solved

Total B.S.

Like I said above, I’ve noticed improvements recently, but to not have any communication from ST here, or in a PM (especially since I’ve called out the folks in this thread and in the beta), or even in my formal support ticket is total crap.


This is Samsung at its core; pushing poorly designed products with minimal support. There’s no excuse to close a ticket without at least an explanation why it’s being closed, even if the issue is not or cannot be resolved.

Has any staffer posted anywhere on the forum recently? I haven’t noticed much staff engagement in the few weeks I’ve back back reading the forum. Thats quite a reversal from just a year ago. I don’t like it the direction where things are headed here.

Edit: Just checked the last post times for a few staffers who used to frequent the forum… You be the judge…

@tpmanley, November 2nd
@jody.albritton, November 1st
@Kianoosh_Karami, October 18th
@Zach_Varberg, October 12th


I don’t think it’s my place to advise people what to do. Everybodies needs are different.
BUT looking at the above response I would definitely recommend that people look into Hubitat.
New updates are taken when YOU want them and not TOLD when you are going to get it.
If an update trashes your system, you simply role it back at your convenience.
At least this way the people on here who are having issues can resolve them.
Oh, and BTW everything runs locally.
It is in its infancy but its getting there fast.


Things have improved. Appears the comment yesterday this could be related to a roll out of V3 and a mass influx of users attaching to ST cloud accounts could have disrupted ALL users. So coincidence they rolled out 24/11 at the same time.

SmartThings - maybe next dime you don’t do a product launch and firmware update at the same time. If it’s true your cloud capacity couldn’t handle at least we wouldn’t have blamed the code release. Just poor support.

While I know this is meaningless to those having issues, but I have a large setup with nothing more than a random lag. I had no major issues with the beta and 24.11 has worked as well or better than any other update. Maybe it was the v3 launch. Who knows.

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Lmao :rofl::rofl::rofl:
That’s as good as reply to me that it was non-connected Lyric battery powered ( non-repeating) thermostat that caused all the 24.11 ZW issues. I use it with pellet stove. When I replied the thermostat had been offline since March so unlikely the cause, my ticket was also marked as resolved.
I’ve still got 1 GE fan controller, 2 ge light switches, ge outlet & a Zooz outlet I can’t get back online regardless of what I do.

Perhaps they’ve been told not to. The need for the “excitement” of the startup environment has passed. Management has changed. Many early staffers, full of enthusiasm, have moved on.

Those that are left are tasked with supporting something they’re still learning, stretching to learn without breaking anything, AND satisfying their new leaders.

The individual players probably want to do what they can to advance the product—but with fewer players, new “products” to move out, and less autonomy.

The forum you know & love is perhaps so far down in the noise it isn’t even being heard…

Sigh :pensive:


@johnconstantelo I would re-open the ticket and ask for explanation. @SteveWhite the community is not meant to be a support channel, rather it is a place for ST users to share knowledge and experiences. A lot of ST staff do frequent the forums. We did just have a large developer event which took attention away for some of us. I am still very much a user of the product and do visit the community quite frequently even if my posting rate has dropped.


I did that as soon as I saw it was closed, and i got a reply back within a couple days explaining that is was rolled into another ticket, and since no reply was received by me (never knew it was combined or notified), it was closed with no explanation.

The part I don’t understand by your support desk is why did the ticket for my zwave devices roll into a ticket for my siren and SHM question when they were completely not related? Makes zero sense to me.

Additionally, neither ticket has any comment or message about them being merged.

None the less, things have improved, and I’m in a monitoring and watching state vs. running around fixing devices like I was when 24.11 was still in beta and then released to production.


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