Hub Firmware Beta Group | Local scene execution is ready for testing

Any news on this one?

Bump. Would love this.

I just saved my Scenes again (just add a trailing space to the name) and they are now flagged as running locally in the API. The app might not have a scooby but they are definitely set as local.

Whether they actually run locally is another matter.

I may well be on the beta list for this but this is the first time they’ve shown as local and I have saved them more than once in the last three months just to see.

So how do you check if local mate?

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Are scenes local, in prod, with latest firmware, if not when is it expected? Who would know?

As far as I can tell the ‘second phase’ never happened. My Scenes are all marked to run locally but the rule to execute them is still in the cloud.


I agree, it’s time not only to bring ‘local’ Scene execution, but also bring the SmartThings Home Monitor (STHM) into the new SmartThings Edge Era. After all, they brought the Smart Lighting SmartApp along for the ride into the SmartThings Edge Era. Scenes and the STHM are both more integrated parts of the SmartThings echosystem than the Smart Lighting SmartApp is so it’s interesting why these two features have been ‘left behind’ thus far.


1000x this :point_up:


@nett is there any update on if phase 2 of this will ever happen? I ran into this this morning when looking at routines that use scenes that are local. thanks!

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Phase 2 which supports local routine execution when all associated scenes are running locally is currently in development. We’ll post an announcement when this feature is ready for beta testing.


Just curious, what can you do with localized scenes right now, if they don’t work locally with routines?
[ Asked by someone who has the internet down after a t’storm and is testing what does and doesn’t work. :slight_smile: ]

Strange thing is that when I look at Scenes in the SmartThings Advanced Web App, a lot of the Scenes show ‘Exec’ as ‘Local’ vice ‘Cloud’. However, the ‘Local’ Scenes still do not work without an internet connection so that doesn’t seem to be true, not yet anyway.

Yes, that corresponds to the executionLocation property in the Scene and that has been true in all of my scenes for quite a long time. As far as I know those Scenes do indeed run on the hub. They just have to be told to start executing by the cloud.

I will note that there is also an executingLocally property in the metadata, and that is false. I don’t know what that refers to.

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Phase 2 announcement:
Hub Firmware Beta Group | Local Routine Execution with Manually Run Routines is Ready for Testing - Developer Programs / Hub Firmware Beta - SmartThings Community


See related topic. phase 2 is to be released soon after the holidays.


This property indicates that the routine can be saved on the hub and available for local execution. The hub periodically syncs up with the cloud to update all local routines.


Wow this is a big deal. I feel ST has came on so much over the last few years.
I know this is off topic but I feel the only things missing compared to hubs like Hubitat is the ability to back up.

Please please please bring this out ST.

They basically already did in October NEW Hub Replace Feature for SmartThings Hubs!

Interesting. I missed this.
Though I don’t see the option?

I’m Using the ST hub V2