Hub Firmware Beta 0.42.6

sorry it was 5months ago; I don’t remember. probably it was just fw update

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@alissa.dornbos @nayelyz can you clarify if there’s any difference between device.thread:call_with_delay vs driver:call_with_delay and if there’s any preferred function one should use in drivers?

Hi, @RBoy
Sorry for the delay. The team mentioned that both call the same function, however, device.thread:call_with_delay is preferred because:

  • The device thread will include the specific device’s info in logging and it’s helpful during the debugging process.
  • These functions schedule a function call on a specific coroutine. The driver has its own main coroutine, and then each device has one as well.
  • Using the device thread helps us to keep long-running computations or buggy/blocking callbacks off the driver thread so that the whole driver doesn’t get bogged down.
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