Hub error message - "java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException @line 165 (parse)"

I am not sure how to address this error, as it seems to be a problem in the firmware. I certainly haven’t added any Java code to the hub, nor is any device programmable.

Is this grounds for a warranty return on a hub?

You should contact ST support and let them look into your issue.

This isn’t related to the hub but the app or dth. It took too long to execute in the cloud. Lots of reasons for it varying from the server instance connected to your hub was running slow to an issue with code in the app/dth. This happens sometimes when the servers are too loaded.

ST support told me to go pound sand.
The phrasing indicates the usual “english as a 2nd language” barrier, but this is outrageous to ask the customer to go seek out the favor of one of their developers via a message forum!

All I can conclude is that Samsung has realized that they have a substandard product, and are backpedaling from this market.

Quoting their email:

“Since, you have mentioned that you want to know about error messages in coding, you will need to reach out to the community page(
The developers are usually active on the community page. You can also go to for additional coding information.
Please feel free to write back to us for any further queries.”