Hub down notifications

Yesterday, I disconnected my ST hub for an hour while I rearranged things. Today I read the following:

where it indicates “for now we have notifications built into the SmartThings mobile app that will let you know your hub is offline”. However, I never received a notification. Is this something you configure or does this not work?

I have the same lack of notification on my android app.

Same here as well. I’ve taken my hub offline to rearrange some things in the room. No notification.

I did the same and it didn’t work a few weeks ago. I emailed support and now it seems to work. However I’m going to keep testing it occasionally

On iOS, I consistently get the notifications within just a couple minutes, but I’ve only has the misfortune of being forced to test this in the last couple weeks.

add me to the list of android users not getting notifications…

Hmmm. I am getting these alerts from both my iOS device and my Android. Please write into support with all the details you can muster on these occurrences.

How quickly should we be getting these alerts and where should we see them?

We need to shorten this, but the time period can be as much as 35 minutes from when the hub is unplugged until you get a notification. There are several reasons for this but you should expect us to decrease this duration in future firmware versions.

I can unplug my hub from ethernet and get nothing on any of three devices.

I can open the ST app and use a shortcut to turn a hue bulb on and it indicates it on; not even in just the shortcut, but the activity of that device. All the while no notification of any kind.

Nexus 7 (2012) and Nexus 7 (2013) both on 4.4.4, Moto X on 4.4.3.

Ahhh… doubt mine has ever been down for that long.