Hub offline alert in android app?


I just setup my system yesterday - 2014-Dec-08. Everything went well except today my power went out and I didn’t receive a notification and I can’t find how to set one up. I’m using the android app.

(Greg) #2

I believe it has to be out for 30 min to get the notification. You can use Scottinpolloct’s power failure app for shorter notifications. But it won’t catch power blinks, I assume because it is too fast for the powered motion to switch to battery or something.

Edit - unplug your hub for 30 min and see if you get a notification


Thank you Greg. My power was out for more than an hour today (tried to upload a screenshot but new users are not allowed to upload images… Odd). I will look into the smartapp suggested.

(Bart Wenmeckers) #4

Mine went off line about two weeks ago and i got a notification probably after 1/2 a day or so.

(sd ) #5

Same here. I have an iPhone… It never gets pushed. however the IDE reflects the correct state.


I contacted support and was told that this issue was confirmed and added to their bug queue. If I hear more about this I’ll update this thread.

I had another power outage last week and did not receive a notification. I haven’t had time to check out the suggested smart app.


Good news. I am now receiving alerts when my smartthings hub loses power or goes offline in my android app.