Hub does On/Off read attribute periodically--why?

I have a switch connected to my Smartthings hub, and I have noticed that every 20-30 minutes, the Smartthings hub does an on/off read attribute of the device. I know that the hub didn’t configure reporting on the device. So why might this be happening?

  • Where did you “notice” this?
  • Is it just one Switch? What type / model? Custom or default Device Type Handler?

I checked this on Smartthings logs. It is just 1 switch - a light switch. Default light switch device type handler.

Which logs? Live Logging in the IDE?

Paste some captured lines here? Context might help someone figure out what’s going on…

The first image is a ZigBee sniffer that shows that my Smartthings hub does an on/off read attribute on my device. The second image is the default response of my device as a result of the read attribute, shown on the live logging.


You might be able to find the code of the Device Type Handler in

My guess is that the Hub (or even the Switch?) Firmware is actually initiating request or report … i.e., at some low level in the SmartThings ZigBee library or even lower.

I forget who is best to tag for this here, but if it’s not too serious, … it’s probably not worth chasing down.