Hub Connected Devices Now Use Edge Drivers

Yes, as @jkp describes. However you don’t get to just pick anything you feel like as you can with the DTHs. With Zigbee and Z-Wave, for example, there has to be a matching fingerprint and matching on specific manufacturer/model codes is very much the focus now. Drivers can allow for more generic fingerprinting but that doesn’t mean that they do.

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Do they report to the Smartthings Energy monitoring application?
Mine says “add compatible devices to get tips on how to save energy …”

No, SmartThings Energy unfortunately only works with Samsung appliances and specific energy company partners.


Will there be any changes to the ST app in the next release ?

Will there be a driver for RGBW CWS bulbs like the Ikea GU10 bulb i have or Sengled white colour temperature bulbs?

Those won’t connect up with any of the existing Edge drivers I have installed.

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Very likely. There already is a driver for white spectrum GU10 bulb.

In firmware 42.x the libraries are already available to convert the currentxy attribute values to hue and saturation and vice versa.

In the drivers in the process of being accepted the zigbee Switch driver that has the subdriver for ikea xy CWS bulbs, but it only has these models.

  ["IKEA of Sweden"] = {
    ["TRADFRI bulb E27 CWS opal 600lm"] = true,
    ["TRADFRI bulb E26 CWS opal 600lm"] = true

I could add it to my driver and add more models and manufacturers, LIDL and I don’t know if sengled uses color xy attributes too.

If you help me prove it, I don’t have those bulbs

I would need the fingerprints and I would do it in a few days, I’m a bit busy right now

Will "zigbee multi switch"es (multi gang switches) be paired with edge driver?

Unlike multi gang switches that are paired with DTH, there’s NO way to name the child switches in edge driver, so there will be no way to voice command those multi switches. (You might be able to voice command the first gang only.)

You guys should fix this problem first, before forcing to edge driver.

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There are some ezex and Dawon multi switches that will use Edge

Yes, these switches are widely used among SmartThings users here in South Korea. Most of smart wall switches that I have are Dawon switches.

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Note, this transition marks the start of a gradual process that will initially include a small number of devices but will expand to cover more over the coming months.

Assuming I have installed devices which match the edge drivers in this first driver rollout, or a future rollout, if I uninstall and re-onboard the device, will the edge driver be installed on that re-onboarded device or is there some sort of change that need to be made to my hub to prompt this update?

If the first question is answered in the affirmative, is this the only way to convert existing devices or will there be an ability to download edge drivers that will covert those installed devices?

I see that there is a Zooz driver. Is this in the first rollout, and if so, can I install the my Zooz Zen17 relay and have it running local?

You can always use Virtual Things Edge Drive in order to create a virtual switch and simple automation in order to control control each button. Read here:

Thanks to @ygerlovin for his work :slight_smile:

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I’m already using this method for multi switches in my home.

Actually, you might need 2 or 4 ST automations per pair, to mirror switches. and it would require more than 20 automations.
So, I’m using rules api and GNU Makefile to simplify mirroring of those switches. But, as you know, using rules api is not an easy solution for ordinary people.

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I think adding mirroring state for routines will solve it. However, whether ST team is planning this feature is another question.


Trying to install Ikea Fyrtur blinds but it installs using the old device handler not the new EDGE driver.
Is there any way to force the new driver ?


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If you have it paired to your hub today, you can look at the info in the Groovy IDE and see if the fingerprint is listed in the z-wave switch driver


I’ve looked at the FAQs using the link and find it all very confusing. I hope that ST has plans to make this simple (or even automated) for the less tech-savvy amongst us. Why should I have to use developer resources which are beyond my limited skills?

Do users need to continue to be enrolled in the Beta program, or are the default Edge Drivers now loaded for everyone over 000.038.000XX on Hubs V2/V3/Aeotec?

Second question - Can users install Custom Edge Drivers without being enrolled in the Beta program? I realize they’d still have to install the custom Edge driver.


You don’t need to be on the beta program to use Edge Drivers.

I have converted most of my devices to Edge Drivers and I am not in the Beta program. I have even made some minor changes to edge Drivers with community help and installed them for my own use.

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It’s the 26th, but a newly connected Osram Lightify (Sylvania) BR30 ziggby smartbulb does not appear to be using the Edge driver after onboarding since there is no driver option on the triple dot menu.