Hub Connected Devices Now Use Edge Drivers

Yeah, it seems Edge for new devices isn’t live yet. Just excluded a Zooz zwave switch from a hub without beta firmware in it. After re-adding it still used a standard Groovy DTH even though the fingerprint is in an Edge driver.
Groovy fingerprint:

Edge fingerprint:

Is the general assumption that when ST said they were beginning with a small number of devices, they actually meant every single driver that was already in beta? I was thinking they might start with just one or two drivers and take it slowly.

Certainly I have devices using beta drivers that are not ready for production with those devices yet, as well as ones that used stock DTHs that are not in the Edge equivalent.

Ive been sort of wondering for the last 2 days about the Hue Bridge are we going to have to delete/re add it or does it even get a driver?

What is SmartThings going to do with my 40 or sensors that are already added? How are they going to convert them from groovy to edge?

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Ok then, not knowing what small number of devices actually include, I just ‘enrolled’ and installed both versions of the Virtual Edge drivers previously mentioned that were created by developers other than Samsung to start this Edge journey. So, where do I find all the current Samsung SmartThings created Edge drivers to enroll in?

well…yes :sweat_smile: That’s what I had assumed because the link in this section of the FAQ goes straight to their Edge driver repo on Github. Maybe @Khoeye can update us.


Yes, I had noticed that too. That just seemed like rather a lot of devices to drop in one go, and we know that not every driver in that repo can support all the devices it fingerprints to the same standard (e.g. my contact and motion sensors fall offline frequently).

I’ve just noticed there is a beta Branch and production Branch at the Edge repo. The only driver in the production branch is the z-wave valve.


Yes, and the main branch has been reassigned from ‘beta’ to ‘alpha’ in the deployment scripts. There has also been an acceptance branch for a broadly similar timescale.

It was having already been aware of the single driver in production, and a very recent change to it, that motivated me to question the actual pace things were moving. I don’t want to leap to any conclusions, but if only a single driver has actually gone into production so far I’d be delighted (assuming the punters are happy with it).

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Thank you Jimmy.

I have been asking this question as well and there does not appear to be an answer.

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What Zen model is the 1E1C?

I would really like them to added the

  • MSR: 027A-B111-251C(Zen23)


  • MSR: 027A-B112-261C (Zen24)

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work since you can use the stock Zwave Switch and Zwave Dimmer Switch DTH.

ZEN21 version 3.0 I think (i should have taken a pic of the face when the switch plate cover was off last night)

They have updated the main branch with all the drivers that were in acceptance and production is empty

There is 37 drivers and also Z-Wave lock.
and zigbee thing!!!, In order to all zigbee devices were paired and Change to others compatible drivers as in IDE.

zigbeeThing :
  - id: SmartThings/ZigbeeThing
    deviceLabel: Zigbee Thing
    deviceProfileName: zigbee-thing
    isJoinable: true

These are supposed to start working as stocks?

UPDATE: All drivers are on smartthings Beta Channel Now!!!

Zigbee Thing driver modified to show Manufacturer and model of device paired

Surprise! :grin:


Ok, I’m confused.

I added two new Jasco/GE model 43080 ZigBee dimmers today. Both added just fine. However it does not appear that they used Edge drivers. At least when I look at them in the app, there is no Driver item in the “…” list, only Edit and Information.

I have the V2 US hub running firmware 0.42.7

Assuming that exact fingerprint is included in one of the available edge Drivers…

As I understand it, which may be wrong, if you have a custom Groovy DTH installed with the same fingerprint, that will be chosen before an edge Driver.

In any case, there’s some priority between the following four categories:

Custom Groovy DTH

Custom edge driver

Stock edge driver

Stock groovy DTH

Which determines which will get used when a new device is added to your network, but I don’t know exactly what determines the choice. hopefully someone else will.




Only zwave valve and zwave range extenders will currently automatically join with Edge drivers


I think a variety of different conclusions are being drawn about what is actually available.

My assumption is that the Edge drivers in the main branch on GitHub are those pending open beta, those in the beta branch are those that have been deployed to open beta, and those in production have been deployed into production. That to me suggests only the Z-Wave Valve and Z-Wave Range Extender drivers are now stock and the others have to be selected from the beta channel. However other assumptions are available and they are likely to be more accurate than mine, as mine are just what I’d like to be true.

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Thanks, folks.

The message that started this thread is, imo, quite misleading.

I have very few custom DTHs and none for ZigBee. So I expected the new, very common, ZigBee dimmers to select Edge drivers.

I have perused the GitHub repository and see the Production branch is so lightly populated as to be nearly non-existent.

Oh, well. Patiently waiting…