Hub Backup & Restore

I know this topic brought up here (a year ago).

Yet - moving on to a repaired/new hub means hell.

Having backup/restore options are basic.
I would even think of “transfer to new hub version”, once new hub v4 is out.

Thumbs up :+1: to pop it to the top of the features backlog!

Backup/restore/migration is not a feature, it is a requirement that should be implemented for any technology before being released to the masses. I know Samsung is aware of the requirement to have backup/recovery/migration capability because my Samsung smartphone has it. The fact the Samsung has not addressed this issue to this point is disappointing at least. If Samsung releases a new Smartthings version without backup/recovery/migration tools I for one will not purchase it. At some point I expect my v2 hub will die and at that point I will chose an alternative hub for my automation.

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I do not know anyone who would not like this function.:slightly_smiling_face:

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