Hub 2.0 Batteries - do I need them?

My 2.0 hub is barely over 4 months old and on a UPS, yet the batteries are already dead and leaking. A couple questions:

  1. Do the batteries have any role in preserving settings in a power loss? If I leave them out and the hub did lose power, will it still remember my account and settings when power is restored? It’s pointless for the hub to keep working past the life of the UPS which also keeps the internet up.

  2. Since the hub has always been powered, why do the batteries die so fast? Most other devices I have with alkaline backup batteries can go for years before needing replacement.

Thank you.

make the answer simple. if you have a UpS then that defeats purpose of batteries. if power lost then UPS will back up but in the cass you lose total power…everything will be there when power restored.

Only useful if you need to move the hub closer to a device for secure inclusion (i.e. locks). Otherwise they need to be removed and use a UPS (IMO). They have a issue with leaking.


And even this is still limited since the hub doesn’t work on WiFi.

But… Batteries aren’t really needed if you have nothing else running when power is out.

Unless your router is on a UPS too. But true, at the point of diminishing returns.