AA hub batteries--can I leave them out?

Since my wifi goes out when my power goes out, I don’t see the purpose of having the batteries in the hub. All of my rules are in CoRE and nothing runs locally…

I don’t want the batteries corroding and ruining the hub. Should I take them out or leave them in?

Mine are out. I have my hub in a UPS, but in your case all you will be doing is wasting batteries.

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As @whoismoses said, take the batteries out and put the hub on a UPS, put your router/modem on there as well, that way you have internet access when the power is out as well.

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That’s what I do. All infrastructure items (SmartThings hub, router, modem, WiFi access point, PC, Ethernet switches, Front Point security system, security cameras/DVR) are all on battery backup.

Ok so my next question is this a good ups to buy?

This one is on sale right now. And if you order with Alexa you get an extra $12 off.

More than sufficient, with $12 off, that’s a cracking deal.

I appreciate the concept of putting infrastructure items on ups to keep them powered up, is it really necessary from an ST perspective.
If you have no power then all you mains powered items will be dead anyway.
Just my thoughts with my setup I suppose.

I was thinking the same thing. I can’t turn on my smart LEDs if there’s no power. So why incorporate the ST hub to the UPS?

I have everything that is important on a battery backup… Each of these own their own.

BlueIris Server (security cameras)
Security Cameras
Networking equipment
Verizon FIOS ONT