HTTP Request to Ubi

Hi, all.

Original Kickstarter backer here with lights, presence, and some neat (but not necessarily life-changing) stuff with my ST install. As I’m waiting for my Lockitron and some new Schlage door locks to take it to the next level, lo and behold my Ubi arrived.

I like it but the SmartThings integration isn’t done yet and although it’s supposedly soon, there isn’t an ETA. However, they make note that the Ubi can accept “HTTP Post and Get” commands. There is a way on their portal to define an utterance and then have the Ubi complete an HTTP command.

Am I too simple minded to assume that sending an HTTP “Post” or “Get” command is a way to make SmartThings take some action? I wasn’t sure so did some searching and found the support link below that discusses HTTP entries. But if it’s not obvious by now, I’m not a developer…uh, not by a longshot. Can someone give me a hint on what part of these samples I might change so that if I say the words “OK Ubi, Turn on the office lights” it will then run the HTTP Post (Get?) command to turn on that thing? What do I change so SmartThings knows that this is the switch I’m talking about? Is what I’m describing even possible?

I realize this could be a supremely dumb question on something that can’t even be done, but I appreciate any help if it can! Thanks!

@tomryan - It does not have official support for ST yet. It’s something both sides (and dev community) are working on. Most of the complication comes from authentication. I’d expect something “pretty soon” (maybe a month or two from now). From what I understand, most of the ST crew is busy at CES - and the Ubi folks seem busy shipping their new products.

I got it to work following these directions:

The link doesn’t seem to work anymore. Is there an updated one?