How will I know my device has been migrated to an Edge driver?

One final question before I call it a night. And I understand if you don’t know but…

What about Life360, Harmony, Wemo, Ring, and Hue?
Those are what I would call “production automations” that this house relies on.

Any word on where those stand? (links appreciated)

Yes, our next generation integration with SmartThings is already live for new users and will continue to work after the groovy shutdown.

As jkp noted, we are wrapping up some work on migration tools for existing users with the legacy connections and those should be available soon (but that won’t impact you if you’re a new user!)


Life360 is doubtful as there have been no announcements. Hue and Wemo will be Ok and work. For Harmony, there is an Edge driver but it only handles one Harmony bridge so it is limited if you have more than one. Oh, Ring will be OK.

If you go to IDE and look at Device Types… anything with Placeholder is ready. Hue may be different depending on the connection method you chose but it will be ok.

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I don’t understand any of this but, I think this is why i’ve been beating my head against a wall for 5 hours after adding a new device and it won’t show up in automations like smart lighting like identical devices that were added some time ago. It does have driver under the 3 dots, and changing the device hander in the API to the same as my others seems to not do anything like it used to. (I re-added one of 4 motorized shades) and can’t figure out a solution to group them to act as one device anymore.

If You mean you changed it through the IDE, that can break the integration with the device. :disappointed_relieved:

Once it has been assigned to an edge driver, it is using the new architecture, and the IDE no longer shows all of the information and you can’t fully access it that way. If you want to go back to using a DTH, you have to remove the device, then add a custom DTH to your account with that fingerprint, and then re-add the device.

That is going to hurt. I tried the Smarthings app presence a few times and found it unreliable at best ( :poop:). And the fobs just eat batteries in addition to not reporting accurately. Also tired IFTTT and Fing. Those too were just too unreliable but Life360 has been pretty rock solid.
I did send a support request asking if they are supporting the new platform. Will post answer.

Disappointing but not a show stopper. We have several but only one is in ST right now and it the main way the rest of the family turns the HT on. One push on a ActionTiles panel and everything starts up for them. Retraining them is not possible as they are elders in the home and not akin to learning new, complex instructions.

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iOS or Android?

Who are you asking?

I’m android/windows, if that matters.

To provide you with alternatives. Selections vary by OS.

Galaxy S21 and J3 to accurate.

Since you might be checking out SharpTools - you can look into options for presence with them :slight_smile:

And I am not affiliated with SharpTools

I will certainly check them out. Thanks! :grin:

How would I know that one of my devices will NOT be migrated because it is not supported? Would I see something on the IDE device list page?

Thanks for all your help to me and all the people that have been on this thread.

Thanks, yes that is exactly what I was trying to do, that FAQ is helpful. Sounds like everything will be on Edge soon anyways so probably pointless to get stuff on my groovy DTH.

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I’m not totally sure. If you’re using a stock DTH today, then there is a good chance it will work with Edge, unless it’s an odd ball device. There will likely be some that have an edge driver, but it may not be one that fully utilizes the more advanced features of it–for that you may have to find a community provided driver or build it yourself.

Are you certain wemo will work once groovy ends? I have two wemo light switches and they both shows up as LAN Wemo Light Switch in the device type and cloud for execution location.

Did you ever find out an answer to this? Life360 has basically been the only option that works so I was really hoping a new SmartApp would be available.

No they ignored me and I’ve been laid up in the hospital to follow up.

Sorry to hear that. I just put in a ticket with them and will post when I hear back.

I heard back. They just passed on to development and will put out a public announcement if it’s ever made compatible again. Translation - we’re on our own.