SmartApps like Smart Lightning under new platform?

If a device in the ST app shows a driver, does that indicate it is now on an edge driver?

Example… see pic

Thank you!

Oh, PS: if so, why do some devices like these GE by Jasco fan switches take a moment to reveal the Driver option in the menu? At first you only see Edit and Information, but trying the 3 dot menu a second time will then show Driver too

Yes… Driver indicated it is using an edge driver

Not sure on your second question… android? Latest version installed?

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Android 13, latest ST app

It’s like there is a delay for some devices as if the app must ping the hub or device first

I am using iOS and have not experienced a slowness when tapping on the 3 dots. Hopefully Android users will chime in.

I am using a Google Pixel 6a running Android 13, and I am not seeing any delay opening the 3 dots menu or exposing the Driver option.