How well does UBI work?

I am considering buying a UBI but given the price I want to be really sure it works well with ST.

I want to be sure I will be able to use it minimally to

  1. Voice Activate my ST Hub to control connected devices.
  2. Have it tell me when status changes “Example Garage Door Opened”

I would like it to be able to “Play a song by name” if possible. Is the speaker good enough for this to be worth doing ?

I would like to be able to ask it questions, sort of like the Amazon Echo is doing…but think this might be out of the range of it’s abilities.

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I should write a full review… In short 2.5/5 Stars, and improving.

Speaker is not good enough for music and current software doesn’t have many playback options (unlike Amazon Echo). There’s an output jack so you can direct to better speakers, or the Android unit inside has DLNA capability…

@tgauchat I hoped you would reply, I noticed you are a ubi users :smile:

How about voice recognition, can you say “Ubi turn on my lights” and have it work quickly ?

From your description so far I think I will wait.

How does "UPnP help help this device ? Isn’t that just easy discovery…not sure I care about that.

There is a delay between trigger phrase “OK Ubi” and readiness for commands, and then a non-trivial delay processing the command.

Well… About 6 seconds to turn on a light, if it understands you correctly. Pretty good recognition, but it has no Google search - like “fuzzy logic” to correct close guesses. If it hears “right on” instead of “light on”, then you’ve wasted 6 seconds or more already.

Oh… I meant DLNA not UPnP.

I’m getting close to selling mine or maybe hacking it to run Google Voice search and/or autovoice. When it works, it works well, but that seems to be less then 50% of the time lately.In addition to checking the weather and sports, I use mine to trigger HH Phrases

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Same here. My three year old frequently says, “Ubi’s a piece of Junk Daddy”. And I just take it in silence.


Mine went from the main living area of the house, where my entire household would curse and yell at it, to the dining room, and finally to my bedroom. Its recognition capabilities are terrible, even when standing directly in front of it in a silent room. Some of the responses gave my girlfriend the creeps and she makes me turn it off when she is sleeping. Great idea; poorly executed.

Side Note. The Ubi will respond more often to “Opacity” than “Ok, Ubi”


Opacity, sounds like I will wait for my Echo and hope it gets integrated with ST :smile:

Thanks everyone for saving me $300


Mine is for sale, for anyone interested. Just not for me at this time.

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