FOR SALE: UBI - Allows Control of ST with Voice Control - BEST OFFER

I have two UBI devices for sale. I was using them for ST, but have found a better way using a Smart Watch Application.

If you are interested make me an offer that I cannot refuse, If you do not know what they are, here is a link to their site so that you may discover all that you need to know (SMILE)

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Have you got a figure in your head you would like for them? and where are you based . . . I am in the UK so would need to consider the postage element also :slight_smile: but i am very interested yes, cheers kyle

@AutomateEverything looking for best offer, and not sure of required postage to UK, but willing to work with you to make it happen.

The UBI’s are a great device, but when I focused on what I needed and used. I actually realized that they were slowing me down. However, cannot tell you how cool it was to just tell the house that we were leaving and all the lights and doors locked (SMILE). First time I did that, I locked myself into the house. (SMILE)

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I’m so interested but don’t think my current finances will stretch to an offer you will be happy with as bad timing, wish this was last week or in 3 weeks coming hahaha :slight_smile: damn leave it with me . . . where there is a will there is a way :slight_smile:

The “trending price” on eBay is $100 to $150, rarely more.

I have one available for sale too, if anyone interested. Would rather go to Community member and avoid eBay fees.

@tgauchat // @theedpope - if you would accept $100 for each unit, id buy each one off of you . . . ive wanted 3 of these (one for living room / one for bedroom / one for office) since they came out but couldn’t afford to splash out for the lot new . . . if your interested let me know :slight_smile:

kyle x

Sorry was in Dialysis, so could not respond till now. While I would “Love!” that much for them, it would be a disservice to you. Although I do have some concerns since you are in the UK. I was thinking $100.00 for each one, and shipping costs. Or maybe depending on your web experience some work to offset one of them?

One of the major concerns is the power difference between the US and UK. Do you have an adapter? Or can you find a Apple USB Power adapter that will work for you?

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You would be making a enthusiastic ST Friend across the pond very very happy :slight_smile: (this is me groveling haha)

My ST HUB & HARMONY HUB + REMOTE are all US products i just used an adapter for them and they seem to work totally fine (Our electric is scary but easily tamed haha)

If yourself @theedpope & @tgauchat will sell each of your units for $100 then please feel free to get in touch via to discuss the best means of doing so and ill happily go for that, you guys would be making my year . . . :slight_smile:


@theedpope - ps: let me know if you have web/design need in regards to doing a deal . . . im happy to assist if its something i can do in lew of partial payment if that suits . . . feel free to email me.

Ohhhhhh… Now you have gone and done it… I just “NEED” to make a new friend across the pond happy. (SMILE).

Ok, PM me, and I will send you my private email. I will need to weigh them and look at how much it will cost to ship them to the UK. Never done this before, so if anyone would kindly chime in, I would greatly appreciate any help with what I may need to assure that the shipment is as painless as possible

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haha, thank you very much edward its most appreciated, i shall pm you now :slight_smile:



ps: as far as im aware a local post office should be able to weigh and give you a quote to ship, i know anything shipped by USPS is usually picked up in the uk by parcelforce whenever i have purchased stuff from the us before :slight_smile:

@mager had shipped to me from the us before he may be able to assist :smile:
cheers kyle

I am flying over London end of this month on my way east and may be drop it on his house from the plane! :wink: @AutomateEverything Are you on the flight route?

@smart - Of course, left after the big white cloud, just below the stormy one before the sunny bit :wink:

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Seriously your enthusiasm is so cheering, mate! :slight_smile: It has been kind of gloomy around here lately!

@smart try living in england, its gloomy everyday . . we had a street party last week because it was sunny for 45 seconds on a sunday before midday (its the first time in about . . . ermmmm . . . ever )


am i right in saying the dev call is in 45mins or have i stayed up until 01:00AM GMT for no reason what so ever . . .

Is there a dev call? Serously I have no clue! :slight_smile:

apparentlyyyyyyy . . . unless im mistaken by time differences i think that means in 30mins lol

Massive thank you to @theedpope & @tgauchat for selling me there 3 UBI’s . . . soooooo excited to received them and get them setup and start playing around :slight_smile:

Yet again, much appreciated guys,


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