How to view smartthings camera video from 3 days ago

I have a smartthings camera in my home and need to view videos from 3 days ago. How can I do it?

Do you have the paid storage plan? The free plan only includes 24 hours.

Not on the house i just set up. Is there any way to get what was recorded 3 days ago? There was one message that said the recordings were kept for thirty days.
Do you know of any way i can retrieve what was recorded last Wednesday?

Hey there! @tvanderlaan, Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, if the premium plan was not applied at the time you would not be able to retrieve those recordings(last Wednesday). As mentioned, the basic plan only captures the last 24 hour period. The premium plan provides 30 days of cloud storage, and clips are not recorded to the cloud on the basic plan. I’ve attached a screenshot below of the differences in plans.

I hope this message finds you well!