Burgled today and its on smart things camera

hi all

I’ve been burgled today, my smart things alarm went off and spooked the burglars.

I have them actually breaking in on my Samsung cameras integrated with the smart things hub

how can I download these files which are the videos recorded by the alarm going off??? vital I give these to the police as evidence


I hope they arrest the bastards with the quickness! I hate thieves.

I’ve got a iPhone - the notification came up that my alarm was triggered - hence I checked my live feed and saw them !

its recorded them with a 30 second clip - I need to give this to the police but there doesn’t seem to be a way of saving that video??? surely…

what was disappointing was my window alarm when they smashed and opened the window did not go off - it still says its closed now… so that’s a fault. luckily the 1st burglar tried to let the second guy in through my kitchen door - which when opened triggered the alarm and they left.

I’ve just read that link - so I can only download with an android phone !

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I don’t how this gets raised to the smart things developers - but this is a great example of how the system actually stopped a real life burglary. I hope they can help me retrieve the video.

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The door/window sensor will say closed until the magentic contact is actually moved. I have the door/window sensors on my window as well as one motion sensor covering each area with a window.

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This is why I pay google 10 bucks a month for my cams. Super simple to get this. I hope you are able to get this easily my friend.

Woah!? I hope everything works is OK!

Please email support@smartthings.com - there are different limitation between Android or iOS, but the team will help you however possible.


congratulations? I am truly glad it was not worse. What camera models are these? Do the Samsung cameras record offsite, without specific ST integration?

@chowder007 - not that I want you to describe your camera setup, but what is the google service $10/mon that you pay for?

Its the Nest cams. You can pay from 3 days storage to 7 to even 30 I believe. Gets auto saved to the cloud at which point you can save clips from those recordings if need be. I currently have two cams and pay right at 10 bucks a month for 7 stay storage.It sucks they dont integrate with ST but its well worth it to me for how well it all works.

@lookalikey Could you not just use or borrow another phone/tablet/camera to record the video playing on your screen?

I was at my kids school one day and needed a paper, well the copier was broken. I was like here I’ll just take a pic. We sometimes forget we carry so much tech with us.

The options are 10 days (it changed from 7 a while back) or 30 days. Without a subscription you get 3 hours.

For the future. If you put a SD card in there then you will have backup video and longer clips. You can then pull the video direct from the SD card or from the Samsung app. It can be downloaded to your phone. Stupid that ios doesnt have better integration. I use SHM as Video Timestamp to search for in the Samsung app I collect way more video there due to my dog activity.

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seems like a good idea to steal the cameras then. Free SD card included.

Is there a way to record your screen on IOS? On android there are apps to record your screen that I sometimes use when there is no option to save a video.

In the meantime at least take a screenshot of the video to send the police.

the window was wide open where the guy came in through - so not sure why this didn’t trigger alarm ? It still says closed on my smart things app yet on the web I can see its ‘offline’… I never check the web only the app so haven’t seen this before.

yeh thanks - already sent screen shots of the video to the police

yes can do that but these are HD cameras for which i’d like to give the police the best quality footage. they are both wearing balaclava’s but you can see their nose and eyes…

Yea, but in this instance it didnt happen. I never said it wasn’t fool proof, only a way to get the data since ST doesnt do it for IOS. This is the real issue. I believe in the three fold method, so I also record to my server in a lockbox with Blue Iris, but this topic is not about how I can protect my data.

Check the battery, HAd the same issue with several of mine. ST Low battery notifications just don’t work. Mine showed 33 or 66% and the battery was at 0.