How to use/find someone's smart app

Kinda basic question but I can’t seem to find any documentation on how does one use someone’s smartapp.
I searched on the iphone but can’t seem to find the app. @tslagle13 has written some cool apps and I want to use them.

How do I get them onto my phone? They don’t seem to be published (don’t know why, they’re helpful). There has to be an easier way than copying the code into your own app (which also I can’t figure out since there are no instructions).

@Ben some feedback for you, there needs to be section for beginners on how to use smart apps written by other folks. Also there should be an easy way for folks to share apps without having to copy someone else’s code (assuming there is a way, if there is I can’t find it).



You can thank @scottinpollock for making a tutorial video for this specific issue

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Thank you very much. I tried this but I don’t see any “My Apps” on my iPhone. What am I missing?


From the Dashboard, scroll to the very bottom and press the + symbol

On the SmartSetup screen, scroll all the way to the right. The last option should be My Apps

If the My Apps section still isn’t listed, I have heard logging out/logging back in to the app resolves the issue.

To log out, press the hamburger button in the upper left of the Dashboard, click My Account, then Log Out.

Wierd I tried logging out and in. I only see Things Alerts Actions and More in the type of apps. No where can I see My Apps.

Any other tips?


In the My SmartApps section of the IDE do you see the Smartapp you added?

What does it say the “Status” of the SmartApp is, Published or Unpublished?

Got it after publishing it shows up as a new header called My Apps