How to update Smartthings with Updated Activity Names from Logitech Harmony?

(Rick) #1

I have three Harmony hubs and previously had a number of activities with the same, or similar, names (e.g. Watch Basic Cable, Watch Tivo, Watch Fire TV, etc) - since SmartThings doesn’t show the related hub for an activity, I’ve updated my Activity names in the Harmony app (Watch Family Room Tivo, Watch Playroom Tivo).

Rerunning the ‘Logitech Harmony (Connect)’ SmartApp Shows the new names in the Smart App, but not in my Things. Adding a new Thing doesn’t show anything either. I then tried to remove the Thing with the old Activity name in the hopes that it would show up again with the right name - but now that Activity is totally gone and I cannot get it to show up.

What’s the solution here? Thanks!

(jkp) #2

Once it is discovered by the Logitech Harmon Connect app, go to the Things tab and click on add a device and it should show there, then click save. Anyway, that is how it works for me, if yours doesn’t, contact support…

(Ron Talley) #3

My experience has been that I had to delete all of the Harmony Activities and Connect and then go through the process again. Just wouldn’t find the new Hub(s) or Activities until I started over. Thrice. :confused:

(Hendre) #4

What I have done was to leave the names of the Activities as they were and added the activities of one hub at a time (to prevent confusion) Once the Activities are displayed as Things in ST app, I rename the Things. (E.g. “Watch Cable” gets renamed to “Watch Bedroom Cable” in case of the bedroom hub. Once I’ve renamed the bedroom activities, I add and rename the activities of the second hub etc. etc.
This way you don’t have the somewhat silly activity name “Watch Bedroom Cable” on the bedroom remote, but can keep the simple “Watch Cable” activity name on that remote.