How to update firmware of Fibaro

Does anybody know how to update the firmware of my Fibaro devices? Note that I do not have the Fibaro Hub and I am only using the ST hub.


Only two way I know to do this. Send the module to a Fibaro/agent and ask them to do it for you or buy a Fibaro hub. I have many modules so I chose to purchase a the cheaper Fibaro hub.

Third option would be to wait until ST enable Z-Wave OTA updates. Which I would guesstimate to be around first quarter of 2021.

That would also require Fibaro to make the firmware available, which they do not do today.

Hence why it’s not available today.

Hello @ptsere

Unfortunately only our units allow you to update the firmware of FIBARO devices.
So if you do not have Home Center, please contact your local dealer who can perform this procedure for you or send modules to us.

List of local re-sellers you can find here:
Contact info to our Support you can find here:

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Dear @FIBARO_official ,

I have 100+ Fibaro devices in my house… In order to disconnect all of them and send to you it would take FOREVER and my house would be paralyzed in the process.

My local Seller charges EUR 50/hour to do this job, and I estimate it will take them minimum 2 days to

  1. unpair all fibaros from ST
  2. pair all fibaros with Home Center
  3. update all the fibaros
  4. unpair from Home Center
  5. pair everything again with ST
  6. reprogram all the automatons that took me forever to perfect.

So I ask… after spending a very large amount of money to make my home into smart home using your Fibaro modules, am I now expected to pay this money from my pocket in order to fix the bugs that prevent me from using 50% of the devices in my house? Remind you that it was your technical support team that told me that “we are aware of this problem (devices making virtual association by themselves and randomly triggering other devices in my house) and the only way to fix it is by updating to the latest firmware.”

Does that sound reasonable to you?

I would very much like to hear your official position on this matter.



Still waiting to hear your reply…

you sold me THOUSANDS Euro worth of products that do not work as promised, and now you want me to pay for them to get fixed?

Why do you not reply?

Hello @ptsere,
I am really sorry for your inconvenience.
Like I have said, for now there is no option to update the device without Home Center. However maybe there is no need to update all of your devices. We want to help you, therefore there is something that we could try:

  1. Please disconnect Fibaro RGBW module from your SmartThings hub and leave it for the time that virtual associations would normally occurred. Check if other devices are triggered. In that way we can check which particular module causes troubles.
  2. If you have Z-Wave stick you could save and send to us the logs collected while virtual association occurs. Analyzing the data might help us find a solution for you.

Hello @FIBARO_official.

I share the disappointment of not being able to easily update the modules independently of a fibaro Home Center, or to a reseller
Could not you simply provide the firmware modules, to allow to load updates through this type of interface ( ) .

I don’t understand the interest of providing devices compatible with a lot of Zwave Box, and not being able to upgrade them to take the best advantage of your technologie.

Please, stay customer centrix,


Since i am also a customer of Fibaro and bought a few thousands euro of equipment, i share the same disappointment.
i have another solution wich is very good for us customers. (not so good for Fibaro…but they made their choice)
You “buy” on amazon the cheapest Fibaro home center. (or the most expensive…it does not make any difference.)
You integrate temporarily the center in your network.
Update what you have to update.
Disassociate the center.
Send back to Amazon.
Get the money back.(if they block the possibility to send back from amazon, ensure to never buy again from them.)
If we all start doing this, Fibaro will be pissed, and maybe they will understand that this is not the way to treat their customers.
Else, they provide their customers with other ways to keep our firmwares updated.
(i’m sure there are thousands of other customers in the same situation, but they are too lazy to show their disappointment to ensure that attentions is made on this subject.)


I good workaround, I have to think about it.

The bad thing is for Amazon which is not linked to Fibaro behavior and will lose money also.

But restriction of Fibaro is not acceptable.
We buy their products that are more expensive … but we gain more restriction.

At least a computer software should enable to do the update.

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Can you explain how to do that ? I have smartthing hub and all my fibaro devices are connected to this hub. I also have (from a friend) Fibaro Home Center Lite. But, how to integrate to my zwave network , and how to update my devices ?

Do I need to unpair from st in order to connect and upgrade firmware using Fibaro LHC?

That’s the way I did it.

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