How to update a DTH file without product info change?

Hi, All:
I have a DTH file that has been successfully released, and now I want to upgrade it, but there is no change in the product information involved (fingerprints of some products will be migrated to another DTH), what should I do? It seems that in the Developer Workspace there must be changed or added to product information before a new request.

Hi, @chenjun.
It’s great hearing from you.

I’m checking this with the engineering team, once I have the corresponding process, I’ll let you know.

In this case, you can make a PR to change the published DTH in the SmartThingsPublic repository. Once you finish, you can share the URL with me so I can put it on the team’s radar.
Due to the holidays, this might get reviewed until January.

Enjoy the holidays!

I slightly modified the product information so that I can start a pull request with this modification and new DTH file.

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