How to turn off GE Z Wave Led Indicator after certain hour

Hello! I have installed 20 ge z wave switches all around the house, but finally I installed a GE Z Wave Switch along with a GE Z Wave Fan Control for my bedroom fan.

My standard configuration is to have the little blue led on when the switch is off, because it looks cool and also let’s me find the switch in the night. So far, so good.

1.) Is there a way to keep this configuration for my bedroom switches “Led indicator On when Off” but change it automatically to “Never” every night at 10:30p.m. and then back to “Led indicator On when off” again at 5:30a.m.?

The reason for this is that the entire room gets iluminated during my sleep time and it bothers my wife.

2.) Is there a way to control the led indicator on the fan Control?

Thanks in Advanced.

Yes, with core or webcore

Thank you, you pointed me in the right direction. Already installed and configured webCore.

Will test my new piston tonight.