How to transfer ownership of a device (hub) etc

Schlage connect deadbolt set up on smartthings hub last week and working on my smartthings app. How can I transfer this device to someone else. I set it up for them because they were out of town, but they are here now. The hub and lock are both at a second location from my own home devices.

I read somewhere that it can not have more than one owner and he should be the owner, not me.
Exactly how do I transfer it to him.

I’m a little confused: If you want to transfer just the Lock, it is probably easiest to exclude it from the Hub and then re-Add it to the correct Hub, Location, and Account.

If you are trying to transfer the entire Hub and/or Location to a new Account … well, good-luck; I doubt that most support agents can assist you with this - but as we know from many stories, there are some clever agents.

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Do you want to transfer both the lock AND the hub? If so, the easiest option here may be to exclude the lock from the hub, delete the hub from your account, and then perform a hard factory reset of the hub according to these directions:

At this point both the lock and the hub would be in their factory state and so your friend can go through join of the hub and join of the lock as if they were both new devices.


Is it possible to set up the hub on one account, and then transfer ownership to another account?

For example if a person with the ownership title moves out, and the remaining living in the house want to keep ST hub and all installations?

As far as I am aware that is not currently possible. I would recommend reaching out to customer support however as this is a bit outside my knowledge domain!

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