How To Track internet Data Usage By Device?

I’ve got the SmartThings Hubs setup (3) for my home network but my issue is that our data limit was finally crossed this month and I can’t figure out how to find what devices caused the overage in SmartThings.

Can someone please direct me to an app, webpage or resource on how to find these reports?

Much thanks in advance!

It’s very unlikely that any zigbee or Z wave devices caused a data issue. These protocols send very tiny messages fairly infrequently.

The culprit is almost always going to be either the app itself (you can see its data usage on your phone) or any WiFi devices with audio or video streams, including video doorbells, security cameras, and music players.

Your Internet router may be able to show you individual device usage, depending on the brand and model, but not all home systems provide this information.

I have a Netgear Nighthawk and they do not include that functionality. There are literally no reports showing usage by device anywhere in the interface. My older ASUS had all of this so I was really shocked that a router produced in 2019 didn’t have this as standard software.

That’s why I wanted to know if SmartThings has this functionality anywhere since all of my devices connect directly to this network and not my router.

We have a number of gaming systems, 4K television in the living room and multiple tvs. Most of the tvs are used for gaming but I need to know what kind of limits to set on those devices (which I can do in Netgear) to prevent us from going over.

It’s super frustrating not being able to see this kind of reporting that should be standard on any network device made in 2019!

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Are you using the Samsung SmartThings WiFi mesh system with Plume?

If so, I’m pretty sure that individual device statistics are available in the plume app, not the smartthings app.

And guess what I finally found…

I was on the wrong screen inside of Plume.

Click on MENU
SmartThings Wifi Hubs
Select Hub
Connected Devices - > Select Device
Microsoft XBox One
Shows last 24 hours / Last 7 Days/ Last 30 Days

That will work!