Aeotec Range Extender 6 - Not extending anything after updating to new ST app

Before updating to new ST app (8/2020) my Aeotec Quad button would bounce off the Range extender then to the hub, but this hasn’t happened since updating to the new ST app, it goes straght to the hub, sometimes after several tries.

First, the app has absolutely nothing to do with ZWave routing, it’s completely up to the hub and the mesh to maintain itself. How are you checking your routing?

Nathan, thank you for replying.
Device -> Route -> This Device (1B) ↔ SmartThings Hub

Read this post from @JDRoberts:

In short, if the device is working - don’t sweat what that says.

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You’re right. But i always want to know how things work. I ran the “Repair Z-Wave network” utility and now got this for my NanoMote route:
This Device (1B) ↔ Dining room light (06) ↔ Aeotec Range Extender 6 (13) ↔ SmartThings Hub

Like @JDRoberts’ post mentions, that’s just a snapshot of the last known route at the point in time the hub talked to the device. REAL Zwave routing is a mesh and looks like that screenshot in his post. It can talk to ANY of the neighbors it has in its routing table. To get that info you’ll need some specialized software and a ZStick. A lot of people see the info on the IDE and say “hey, it’s not going where I think it should” and frantically start trying to do things to force the route - not knowing that no matter what it says there, it can take any number of routes to get to the hub - and that one listed is just the last one, which was based on any number of environmental conditions at the time the communication happened. All that to say, it’s only useful IF your ZWave device is not communicating / shows up as a failure in a ZWave Repair log. Otherwise just ignore it.