Aeon Z-wave repeater setup

(Ron S) #1

Guys, I am expecting to receive an Aeon Zwave repeater in a few hours. Does ST recognize it and if yes as what device type? Any help will be appreciated.

(Kevin Tierney) #2

Mine recognized correctly with no issues. I checked the IDE and mine is installed as a Z-wave switch. It worked perfectly in my last house, though it took some trial and error to find the right location for all my switches to work

(Bruce) #3

It shows up as a “Z-Wave Device”, and has a “switch” capability, so it shows up in the mobile app anywhere you can select a switch.

(Ron S) #4

Thanks a lot! Will set it up!

(Bruce) #5

Of course, even though it shows up in the mobile app, it doesn’t do anything. I just hide mine in a group of things not being used, like repeaters.

(Ron S) #6

Hope it does something behind the scene though! :wink:

(Ron S) #7

I set it up yesterday and shows up as Z-Wave device but have no clue whether it is doing anything at all and of course did a Z-Wave repair after that. It has an on/off function (?) do you guys think that I can do something by tapping into those events but then not sure whether it actually sends anything at all to ST.

(Bruce) #8

It’s not capable of doing anything, beyond its function as a Z-Wave repeater, and it doesn’t send anything to ST beyond being installed. I could tell in my house when I put one in that some issues I had were resolved. I put in a 3 speed fan control outside on my patio, and the repeater in an outlet just inside, to resolve issues with the fan control.

What would be nice is a Z-Wave utility that provides more information on the state of the Z-Wave network.