How to setup Arlo Camera?


(Clinton Bro) #1

Steps to setup Arlo Camera

(Brian Harding) #2

The quickest way is to go to the Marketplace in your Smartthings app, select Cameras then the Arlo model you wish to connect and then Click on Connect Now with the + sign by the side of it. This will set up a mode in Arlo called "Smartthings."
Depending on whether your cameras are powered on all the time or not you have several options how to control them from setting up Routines, SHM and Custom rules to activate/deactivate the cameras to using IFTTT, Stringify etc and even the newly app called Arlopilot by Steve White.


(Brian Harding) #3

After your cameras are linked to Smartthings, you can tell us how you wish to use them and ask for recommendations.


(Clinton Bro) #4

OK Brain, Thanks for your advice.