Arlo arming

I cannot for the life of me figure out how to set my Arlo cameras to film only at certain times. We don’t need the interior cameras filming when we are home but still want some of the outside cameras on. Then at night of when away I want them all to film when smartthings is armed. How do I do this?

I do this with webcore, but I imagine it can be done with the new app as well. Each camera should have a switch attribute attached to it. So just set up rules to turn off the cameras you don’t want to use.

If you want to change modes you will need to do that within the arlo app itself. There used to be a smartapp that would allow this but some changes made to the API by Arlo stopped this, as I understand it.

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I don’t even use SmartThings to change the Arlo cameras mode at all, or even use the SmartThings mode that’s added to Arlo after setting up the SmartThings Connected Service. I just use SmartThings to turn the Arlo cameras On/Off, and leave the Arlo app set to Armed mode because when the Arlo camera is Off, it doesn’t matter what mode it’s in since it can’t trigger anything.

So, I set the Arlo app for the cameras to Armed mode and leave it there. Then I use the SmartThings Connected Service (which is very problematic as your experiencing, see some other threads about it too) to bring the Arlo cameras into SmartThings. Then in SmartThings;

  1. I setup the Goodbye Automation to turn all of them On (via an Armed Scene).

  2. I setup the I’m Back Automation to turn them all Off (via a Disarmed Scene).

  3. I setup an Armed Stay Automation to just turn On the specific Arlo cameras I want on at night (via an Armed Stay Scene).

  4. I setup an Automation to turn On all of the Arlo cameras if any multisensor is opened when in Armed Stay mode to ensure the rest of the cameras are all On and ready to record.



Thank you I think that’s my answer. I’ll just keep them armed and turn them on and off. I’ll try that!

Thanks so much

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