How to Secure my Garage Door? I want an automation with a delay in it

I am certain that we have a number of members with garage door openers that are older than any of our smart home devices. To that end, I am also certain that all of us have more than one system that will open our garage doors (portable devices in our cars, keypads outside our garage doors, touch switches next to our kitchen to garage doors, etc.) I have added the the Iris Garage Door opener to my collection of devices that can open my garage door.

But I have a problem: before I installed the smart controller, occasionally I would get up in the morning to discover the garage door was open, even after I had checked to see it was closed before I went to bed. Research could not/would not reveal any shorts in any of the wiring, so the only way I could control the problem was to disconnect the power from the garage door opener (providing absolute control over the door) So we install a smart outlet, and things are perfect! Except:

Now I must remember to turn on the power to the controller before I try to open or close the door. No big problem; set up automation to turn on the power when the sun comes up, turn on the power when I run a scene, turn on the power when I leave the office (or any number of other automation).

Wouldn’t it be nice if I could just activate a scene that would turn on the power, wait 90 seconds and then activate the door (open)? Or vice versa: close the door, wait 2 minutes to be certain the door was closed, and then turn off the power to the door opener.

Any ideas how to do that? I can’t find a delay automation.
Thanks for your thoughts

Not sure if ST has a “wait” option. But all of what you want to do can easily be accomplished with Webcore.

You can’t delay in a scene, but you can in an automation


I understand the creation of an automation; but I don’t understand the implementation of a “wait” for anything. Is it implicit, that the “then” action does not complete until the “if” action is run. How do I implement the “wait”. If I were to push the close button on my garage door opener and them immediately press the garage door power off, I suspect the door might stop in the middle of the opening/closing process. How is that going to work???

The wait is a delay for the action it is assigned to. So if your action is to turn off the outlet with a delay of 30 seconds, as soon as the IF conditions are met, a timer starts and the action will take place 30 seconds later.

Got it! Thank you.
This require a little more study as I need to take into consideration both the condition of the door and the action requested, as well as the condition of the outlet (on or off). I have played with it and it works, but there were unintended consequences (I closed the door, and the power was disconnected). It could have inconvenient had I been outside, or my wife was trying to get back into the house. But I understand.
Thank you.