How to run a z-wave network repair?

I only have access to Windows devices. I’m having reliability problems with one of my light switches and I need to run a z-wave network repair. However, the Windows app doesn’t have this feature. I can’t find it in the IDE, either. How in the world am I supposed to perform this procedure?


It’s in the IDE. Go to My Hubs, and look for the View Utilities link. They have broken the button that is supposed to render there. It’s at the bottom of the top section of that page, in the right middle of the page. When you click on that, a page will come up with Z-Wave utilities, including z-wave repair.

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You can do it from the IDE.

If that URL doesn’t work (I don’t know if it’s dynamically generated or not), here’s how I found it:

  1. Click on “My Hubs” at the top.
  2. If you only have one hub, it should immediately show the hub details.
  3. Near the bottom of the page, there’s a link that says “View Utilities”.
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It’s really hidden in an obscure place within the mobile app. If the Windows Phone presentation is like Android, do:
3-dot menu (upper right in any screen) > My Locations > Gear icon > Active Hub > Z-Wave Utilities

@bravenel and @tamaracks thank you! I thought I had looked everywhere and my eyes must have just skipped that in the IDE because it’s a different color.

The repair has been started!

Thanks again.

@Mr_Lucky Unfortunately, the Windows Phone app hasn’t been updated in a long while. There is a z-wave utilities section, but the network repair is missing.

Is there a smart app that sets this up to run periodically? I would love it if it ran weekly. Thanks

No. It has to be done manually.

When I run this it will run for 30+ mins and never finish. How long does this take? Should I just start it before bed and not worry about it?

I have about 100 devices and it takes 35 minutes, usually. Fewer devices will be a lot faster. I watch the hub logs, where it will report starting and ending, as well as any errors. That’s the link that comes up in the IDE when you start the repair in the IDE. I clear out the log filter, so all hub events show up. That’s so I can tell it’s still logging, the pings show up every 5 minutes.

Does this essentially re-build the Z-WAVE mesh network?

Yes, the zwave repair system utility causes every zwave device to rebuild its address tables so that it knows who its true physical neighbors are. That then improves the efficiency of message routing along the entire zwave network.

Appreciate the reply @JDRoberts. Excited to be part of this community and contribute. Do the Z-Wave light switches such as the GE Light Switches need to be in an “on” state to be included in the rebuild?

No, just not disconnected altogether. So don’t cut power at the circuit box and they should be included in the utility run whether they’re on or off at the wallswitch. :sunglasses:

Awesome thank you @JDRoberts!

I have done the same zwave repair, waiting over an hour and a half, but I don’t see any messages stating that the repair is complete. I have around 17 zwave switches in my network.

Should I see a “completed” confirmation message?

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Did it ever finish? Curious…I’m running mine now.

You can see if it completed by looking at the Activity Feed on the Notifications tab of the ios app, if that is what you use.

As others have stated the feature isn’t accessible on a Windows mobile. Use the IDE option.

I kept getting failed rebuilds until I deleted two devices that I had installed but later removed. They were still part of the network but couldn’t be found. One was a Leviton Appliance module that I moved to a different room. I had to delete it too and reinstall from scratch. Now the rebuild with a modest eight devices takes about two minutes.