How to remove philips Hue from ST?

Hello, I would like to know how to remove/unlink philips Hue bridge & bulbs from smartthings. I tried to remove the bridge & lights by going to each items in the Things list… But it keeps adding back. I wanted to use philips hue outside of ST so i need to remove the integration between philips hue & smartthings.

Pls help.

Thank you,

get an app somewhere to remove the ST user from the whitelisted users on the hue bridge. an example is on [] for android.
The api key to remove is to be found on the ST IDE under my devices, look for bridge, look at the value for username. remove that entry from Hue bridge whitelist. Removing the bridge should remove the associated childs as well (i think :slight_smile: )

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Ok Thanks. I will try it out today.

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