How to remove a rule created with Glitch

I wanted to play with the rules API using this app Sample-RulesAPI/Sample Rules Apps/ at master · SmartThingsDevelopers/Sample-RulesAPI ( There is a link on that page going to SmartThings Automation Builder (

I went there, logged in, created a rule and … submitted it. Apparently I had to pay more attention to the name of the app :). Anyway, the rule was submitted and now and it executed periodically. That was “At a certain time” rule and I cannot find a way to remove it via that app interface.

If I run method using my personal access token it does not list the rules created by that app, that is not surprising. Here I would like to confirm my guess that rules are isolated on the access token level. Is it true or the isolation is implemented on other parameter(s)?

Now, the main question, how do I delete the rule that I submitted with the Glitch app?

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Yes, that is correct. You could try manually calling the Rules API wit the same token to delete