How to reinstall default routines?

When i downloaded the app i by mistake deleted the routines. how can i get them back? Or how can i emulate exactly how its set up?

Just create new ones with the default names.

I don’t know what the rules were for the originals.

I suggest you get started with:

Good Morning!
Good Night!
I’m Back!

But how?? I don’t know the if statements well in terms of how all of them connects and when it shouldn’t automatically go to those routines. I know what I want to happen but not when it shouldn’t and don’t know how to set it up so they all connect and work well together.

It will all depend on the devices you have connected to Smartthings…

Here are some examples:

Good Night! - Automatically at 10pm: Turn off all lights, set Smart home Monitor to STAY
Good Bye! - When all presence sensors leave, turn odd all light, set Smart Home Monitor to AWAY, turn off heating/cooling
Good Morning! - Automatically at 7am, Set Smarthome Monitor to DISARMED, increase thermostat
I am Back! - When any of the presence sensors arrives, unlock the Door, set Smarthome Monitor to DISARMED, turn an heating/cooling