How to receive an external Webhook as a trigger for SmartThings (2023)

You used to be able to use webcore to accept an external webhook and use that as a trigger for events in smartthings. But there doesn’t seem to be any equivalent in the new architecture.

That leaves you with a few current options, but they all rely on an intermediary to receive the webhook, and then tell smartthings to do something, typically turn on a virtual device. And then you can go from there.

  1. IFTTT. Free for one ( subscribe for the ability to use more). A little complicated to setup, but doable. The biggest negative to this is that Ifttt seems to be on a trajectory to either go out of business or start charging more, so I’m a little reluctant to recommend it. But if you currently have an Ifttt account, this might be the easiest. I just don’t know how long it’s going to be available.
  1. SharpTools premium tier ($30/year at the time of this posting). Sharptools is a very popular third-party service which can be used to create custom dashboards and to create rules that work with smartthings and have a number of features that smartthings doesn’t have right now. One of those features is the ability to trigger a rule by receiving an external Webhook. Has a nice visual interface and an active user community. There is a free trial for the premium tier so you can check it out. The company founder, @joshua_lyon , is also active in this community.

And the specific instructions for receiving webhooks:

How to trigger SharpTools rules using HTTP - SharpTools Knowledge Base

  1. webcore with hubitat. Hubitat is a competing hub brand to smartthings, but quite a few community members have both. Although Smartthings dropped support for webcore, hubitat adopted it as an official feature, so some people get a hubitat just so they can run webcore over there. There are a couple of communitybuilt integrations between the two platforms that seem to work pretty well. I’m not sure it would be worth it unless you wanted a hubitat for other reasons, but this would allow you to continue to use Webcore and trigger from web hooks that way.
  1. other platforms, including home assistant and some MQTT brokers, can receive webhooks. Again, this is probably a situation where you wouldn’t set it up just to be able to receive a single webhook, but if you are already using one of those other platforms and already have it integrated with SmartThings, it’s worth the research to see if you can bring in the webhook trigger that way.

  2. write your own smartapp to receive a Web hook, host it yourself, and communicate with smartthings via the rest API. good choice for programmers, but non-programmers will probably prefer one of the other options.

So: if you want free and simple, Ifttt is probably the top candidate, I just don’t know how long it’s going to be around. If you want not too expensive ($30/year at the time of this posting) with a nice interface and a good support community, Sharptools is a definite candidate. If you want to do it just the way you used to but with an initial investment cost of over $100, hubitat is a possibility. And if you are already using Home Assistant or MQTT, you can probably do it that way.


I was trying to figure out a simple way of linking Tasker to SmartThings and thought I’d try a webhook. A quick search brought me here.

Looking at IFTTT it seems that it now has two paid-for services (Pro and Pro+) and webhooks are part of the Pro service.

Receive a web request

Pro This trigger fires every time the Maker service receives a web request to notify it of an event.

I know there’s a way of linking Tasker directly to SmartThings, but this seems too complicated for what I want.

I think I’ll try SharpTools instead.

Thank you for the information here.