Generic SmartApp to call local webhook?

My first time here so sorry if this is a naive or inappropriate question.

I’m looking for a generic SmartApp that runs locally on the hub, which can call a webhook (on the local network, if that’s relevant) that I specify.

So I create a scene, I suppose, using this app, configured by me putting the URL into a text box.

So a bit like the webhook functionality of IFTTT, but without the sever, and local.

Any ideas please?

At the present time no custom code is allowed to run on the hub, so your idea doesn’t work. All custom code runs in the cloud. :disappointed_relieved:

In fact, almost all the official features also run on the cloud. The only thing which doesn’t is the official smartlighting feature ( and then only with some devices) and it doesn’t have a way of doing a webhook. Smartthings remains primarily a cloud-based system.

If you need that kind of local operation, you should be really looking at one of the other home automation platforms like Hubitat or Homeseer or home Assistant.

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I forgot to say you can use webcore to call a webhook, but it’s not going to be local.

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