How to pair the ZRC-90?

Can’t figure out how to pair the ZRC-90 with SmartThings. Any help on which button to push to get this thing into pairing mode would be great!


Should be able to add using app…

Go to things
Add thing
While it’s searching press “L” on ZRC

If needed here’s the device handler:

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Tried that 10 times last night…nothing worked.

Tried again after seeing this and BAM it worked, lol

Oh well, gremlins got me again


Thats how it works 99% of the time even for the “pros”

Your welcome

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I have tried this and can’t get it to work. Nothing happens. I am new, so there may be something I am missing. Help!

Try resetting the ZRC-90 by holding the middle ‘R’ button for 10 seconds then triple click.
Then open the Smartthings Classic app, add a ‘Thing’, then press the the right ‘L’ button.

ok so my smart things app recognizes this controller & adds it as a thing but thats it!

is there some other app/driver that actually lets u use the buttons as a trigger for the smart things app?

ive successfully connected other buttons but its almost like smart things doesnt understand that this device has 8 different buttons in it? it doesn’t acknowledge ANY of the buttons

thanks in advance. sorry if this hijacked a thread. i guess i should start my own thread…sorry in advance for being dumb &/or double posting. and thanks:) i

I have the same issue - have you received a reply or figured this out?