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How to pair the ZRC-90?

(Bryan) #1

Can’t figure out how to pair the ZRC-90 with SmartThings. Any help on which button to push to get this thing into pairing mode would be great!


(Chris ) #2

Should be able to add using app…

Go to things
Add thing
While it’s searching press “L” on ZRC

If needed here’s the device handler:

(Bryan) #3

Tried that 10 times last night…nothing worked.

Tried again after seeing this and BAM it worked, lol

Oh well, gremlins got me again


(Chris ) #4

Thats how it works 99% of the time even for the “pros”

Your welcome

(Tom) #5

I have tried this and can’t get it to work. Nothing happens. I am new, so there may be something I am missing. Help!

(Andy Lock) #6

Try resetting the ZRC-90 by holding the middle ‘R’ button for 10 seconds then triple click.
Then open the Smartthings Classic app, add a ‘Thing’, then press the the right ‘L’ button.